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It goes without saying that during an advertiser’s time when using PPC advertising, they will encounter some type of problem: Two Solutions To PPC Problemshopefully minor problems rather than large scale disasters. It’s great implementing a contingency plan into pay per click advertising campaigns for the reason that if there is a problem, you will be able to reduce the deficit of it. However, I have always been a bit vague in exactly what you should put in a contingency plan for PPC. For this reason, here are a few PPC problems advertisers will face which they can put the solution to it into a well prepared contingency plan.


PPC Problem #1 – Stepping Into The ‘Deep End’ Too Quickly

With new advertisers, there is a tendency to set up a campaign as fast as possible and gain lots of traffic as soon as possible. The outome for most of these cases is that the advertiser will lose money. Just because you can set up a campaign in five minutes does not mean you have to actually do it in five minutes!


Solution #1 – Ask Yourself Questions

If you feel like you have set your campaign up too quickly, ask yourself a few questions that will determine whether you need to go back and revise the campaign. If you can answer yes to all the below questions, your campaign should be ready to go live:

  • Are my keywords related to the topic of interest of my campaign?
  • Have I created a realistic budget?
  • Have I got a realistic CPC that will not be affected by bidding wars?
  • Is my text/image advert display enticing and true information?
  • Is my landing page optimised for a high conversion rate?
  • Am I ready to change my campaign if it is not doing well?


PPC Problem #2 – Low Conversion Rate

Another problem PPC advertisers face is that after creating their campaign, they do not get many conversions. Most people will blame their landing page for the low conversion rate. This can be one of the reasons. On the other hand, there are a few more too….


Solution #2 – Find The Problem

Finding the reason for a low conversion rate is not easy. It could be one of many different factors:

  • Unrelated keywords causing the wrong type of traffic to reach the landing page.
  • A generally poor landing page that needs optimising.
  • The wrong type of landing page.
  • An unrelated text advert.
  • The advert promising something such as a special offer which the landing page does not promise.

When looking to improve your conversion rate, have a look at every area of your landing page because, in some ways, the conversion rate of your pay per click campaign reflects the overall success rate of it.


There we have it: two solutions to two common PPC problems. If you can take anything away from this article, it would be that to every problem lies a solution. Some solutions to the problem will be harder to find than others. But, always remember that there is at least a solution. If you have a failing PPC campaign, there is never a time too late to recover it.

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