As an entrepreneur, you have created a great e-commerce website with amazing features and intrusive designs. But are you sure this is enough to gain traffic? You might generate some traffic but your ultimate aim is to convert visitors to potential buyers. This is, of course, a daunting task as you have to compete with 1.3 million e-commerce sites in the U.S. and Canada alone. If you talk about the average conversion rate, it is somewhere around between 2-3%.

In this blog, I’ll tell you six proven e-commerce conversion hacks that can double your conversion rates. So, let’s begin with the tips.

Accelerating the Speed

In today’s competitive scenario, speed is the key to success. Your site has to be very fast. If there is a delay of even a second, the conversion rate will drop down by 7%. This would mean a huge loss of revenue. The customers don’t like waiting for a page to load. They would opt out.

So, what’s the solution to counter the problem?

  • The developer should test the speed of the site. He can use tools like Google Page Speed or Pingdom to test the baseline speed.
  • The second step is checking the hosting plan services and upgrade the version. This will upscale the performance.
  • You can optimize the images for both web and mobile.

Implementing Effective SEO and CRO Techniques

As an e-commerce owner, you must be familiar with what Search Engine Optimization is and how it can generate traffic to your site. But if you are aiming to double the conversion, implement SEO with Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO will prove more effective. CRO is a potent tool that helps in optimizing the content.

This is where the role of eCommerce SEO Services in Canada becomes all the more crucial. The experts and analysts will strategize plans to improve SEO for driving more visitors to your site.

Choosing the Magento E-Commerce Platform

What do top brands like Ford Motors, Nike, Coca-Cola or Olympus etc. have in common? The answer is they all use Magento e-commerce platform.

If you conduct a search on the internet, you would know that it is the best platform for developing e-commerce sites. It offers a plethora of advantages and features that can help in boosting the conversion rate to a great extent. Magento platform is-

  • Really Fast
  • Customizable
  • SEO-friendly
  • Allows you to select hosting service
  • Default responsive design
  • A large community of supportive developers

This provides a substantial reason why you should choose Magento Website Development Services to gain the upper hand in the competition.

Smart Use of Images and Videos

The high-quality images play a pivotal role in increasing the traffic of e-commerce websites. You must have heard of phrase ‘Pictures speak louder than words’. So, you can decrease the content quantity and focus on offering g images having visual appeal. But don’t compromise with the quality of the content. It should have a strong relevance with the picture and attention-grabbing.

A report states that 70% of the e-commerce brands are successful in surging their conversion rates due to offering zooming facility on their products.

But the images and content are not sufficient enough to drive sales to your website. Addition of videos will improve the conversations. They can interact with visitors in a more precise manner.

Adding the Social Media Platform

Social media platforms need no introduction. Making your social media presence count will put your e-commerce site in a commanding position. A lot of people shop online through Facebook, Pinterest, and Whatsapp. So, you can post the updates about new product arrivals and discount offers on social media pages.

Choosing Cross-Platform Application

Considering the stiff competition, you have to release your e-commerce site or application across cross-platform format. Hiring an hands-on-experienced Dot Net Application Development Company will solve your purpose as you can launch your application on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. You can reach more customers using mobile and desktop.

Final Thoughts

You can follow the above-mentioned conversion hacks with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to engage more customers and skyrocket your sales.

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. Follow me on twitter @smorgs13.

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