It seems that the way Google AdWords and Adsense stay ahead as market leaders in the PPC industry is by constantly innovating on their products and services they offer to advertisers and publishers. One of the latest innovations by Google was with the publisher account implementing a new form of advert for mobile devices: page level ads. When a new feature comes along in Adsense and AdWords, you will usually see Google promote it quite largely to get people to notice and use it. With mobile page level adverts, there has been nothing of the sort, which has made people a bit cautious to use it. For this reason, should you use the mobile page level ads feature in Adsense?

Google Adsense Mobile Page Level Adverts


What are Page Levels Ads?

Page level adverts are only for mobile devices(at the moment) and have the sole objective of improving the web user’s experience on your site while making sure to monetize it better than previous mobile adverts Adsense offered. There are two types of page level adverts:

  1. Anchor adverts – These adverts show at the bottom of the page and load separately to your web page too. The web user can slide them up to expand the content of the advert or dismiss the advert by sliding down on it, enabling the web page to be seen without adverts at all.
  2. Vignette adverts – These adverts appear only between web pages loading. For example, if you click on a link on a website, the vignette advert will appear full screen and can be closed at anytime. Since the webpage loads in the background at the same time that the vignette advert is displayed, it works at directing the attention of the web user to something productive to you while the page loads for the web user.



Better Performance

Upon first exception, it is a welcoming addition to the products Adsense offers to publishers. It seems that Google is putting the web user’s experience first which could potentially increase the likelihood of them clicking on an advert too. By also having a web user getting a better experience from adverts, they are less likely to use ad blockers in future.



Takes Advantage of Waste Time

The vignette advert is a really good idea by Google. Instead of compromising the experience a web user surfing the web and taking up space on a website, it is far better to let web users view adverts while they are waiting for something such as a page loading. This way, the publisher gets revenue and the web user gets to see a beautiful full page animated advert instead of a blank screen with a loading bar.


Ultimately, I think these should be given a go. Google has noted that these are ‘beta’ adverts so are going to still be in the development stage. What I can say, though, is that you can expect something potentially similar could happen to tablets and even desktops one day in PPC advertising: if the page level adverts for mobile devices works first and get’s good feedback from the industry.

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