Remarketing for those of you who don’t know is AMAZING and can help you double your numbers overnight.  To setup a Remarketing campaign you can view our post on “How to setup a Google Remarketing Campaign” and then come back to this post.

I want you to check out the campaign below:

You will see in the graphic that our CTR for the display network is around .22%, pretty good right?  I think it is.  Well, check out the conversions…  You will see that our average cost per conversion is around $12.83.  Pretty awesome huh?  This is actual client data (don’t tell anyone) for the past month of our client.  We’ve had 15 conversion in the past 23 days.  This is amazing right.  Our average position is around 1.8.  Total cost is around $200 and we brought it over $1800.  Total profit for the client was around $1100, you’d think this is a win right?  That’s cause it is a win.

If you aren’t running remarketing campaigns you are an idiot.  Seriously, it’s one of the easiest ways for you to get people to come back to your site and buy what you have put in-front of them.  On our site our average conversion cost is around $34, ya $34.  But with remarketing we’re converting people around $13.  That’s 1/3 the cost.  These are also people who decided not to buy but found our ads on another site, clicked on the ad and purchase what we had to offer.

Problems with Remarketing

Up until today you had to put code in several different places of your website for different actions that you wanted to take.  If you wanted to run different remarketing campaigns you would have to put in different codes.  Today that all changed.  Now you can put in 1 remarketing code across your complete site and now tag what and which lists you would like them to go to.  This allows you to tag people to different posts and then remarket to them in different ways.  This will help you to segment and market different to different people.

It’s pretty badass if you ask me!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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