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As promised, here is the part 2 article to the part 1 of ‘The Range of Ad Extensions’. The part 1 article had a look at four different The Range of Ad Extensions in PPC [Part 2]types of ad extensions used in pay per click advertising. These were as follows:

  • Site link extensions – The most common ad extension, these are simply extra links the web user chooses to put underneath a search advert.
  • App extension – For mobile and tablet devices, this extension makes it possible for the web user to move to an app store to buy an app and install it onto their device.
  • Call extension – This makes it possible for the web user to directly ring a number from the search advert.
  • Consumer rating extension – This makes it possible to display ratings about your website through surveys performed by your customers.

In this article, I will look at the remaining ad extensions that can be used in PPC search adverts.



Location Extension

This type of involves displaying an address below the search advert to inform the web user of your company’s location. As well as this, you can also provide a number to call above the description (this isn’t a call extension, just a number to copy and ring). This extension works very well with shops and stores since many people will search for the shop or store using Google and can find out their address that way.

What makes this extension useful, too, is that it can be tracked just as easy as the other extensions. This is because the address is a link which will send the web user to a map app such as Google Maps. Therefore, it is possible to calculate the CTR of this extension like it is for the other extensions that involve a click.



Seller Rating Extension

Similar to the consumer rating extension, the review extensions shows your online rating. It is not the same as the consumer rating extension because the rating the consumer rating extension shows comes from an online survey from your customers. The review extension will display a rating for your website out of five which can help the web user put confidence in your advertising campaign (if it a high rating of course…).



Review Extension

The review extension is a great extension which displays third party reviews of your website. The way this extension displays this is through a quoted phrase below your advert which links to the third party website at the end of the quote. Again, like the seller rating extension, this is the perfect extension to help build confidence for web users to click onto your advert and head for your landing page. If other people like your product or service, it will encourage the web user to give it a go too.



Social Annotation Extension

This extension displays information about your follower account on Google +. The reason for using this is to make clear of a few things:

  • Show off how big you are on the internet. The more people that follow you, the less ‘spam’ like you seem.
  • Make it possible for web users to follow you and keep up to date easily.
  • Help the web user build confidence about your website.

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