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Every online marketer knows that there is a ton of money to be made in the online dating industry. After all, how hard is it to earn a $2-$4 commission just for getting someone to sign up to a free dating web site!

That’s just one area of online advertising for dating networks, what about how much money they actually spend in-house and on their pay per click marketing campaigns.

In the infographic below from RiseInteraction, we can take a look at the “Online Dating Industry and Paid Search“.

To get you started, here’s a quick stat to get you excited…

Over $1 BILLION is generated every year in online dating advertising!

Who is spending the most money on their pay per click marketing campaigns per year?

  1. Match.com – $10 million total PPC spend
  2. eHarmony – $4 million total PPC spend
  3. Zoosk – $2 million total PPC spend

When it comes to pushing impressions and clicks, these three companies are also at the top of their games.

  • 18 million clicks to Match.com
  • 2.9 million clicks to eHarmony
  • 0.8 million clicks to Zoosk

If you are interested in how to start promoting dating offers online, be sure to check out our Facebook Ads post and our dating targeting post.

Online Dating PPC Spend

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