Landing page optimisation for pay per click advertising campaigns are a big talking point on the internet in general. The reasons for Does Your Landing Page's Page Rank Matterthis are because the landing page is a huge element of the whole PPC campaign and there are many many ways you can optimise a landing page. One topic that never really pops up with landing page optimisation is the page rank of the website. If we were talking about blogging optimisation tips, we would centre a proportion of our focus on the page rank. But, in PPC, the topic of page rank rarely comes up. If the page rank is so important for bloggers, why is it not important for PPC?


Firstly, let’s fully understand what the term ‘page rank’ actually means. In it’s simplest form, it is an algorithm by Google that determines the ranking of websites on Google’s search engine. It is a ranking out of 10 with 10 being the highest and 0 being the lowest. This makes it quite clear that the page rank can be completely considered a SEO statistic – hence the reason why bloggers talk about it with their own websites so much.


For this reason, does your landing page’s page rank matter? Below are some reasons why it does and some reasons why it doesn’t.


Yes – More Traffic?

I added a question mark to the end of ‘More Traffic’ because it seems a bit of a silly point to make. The higher your page rank on your landing page, the more valuable Google deems your website to be. Therefore, you are more likely to be ranked higher on organic search results for contextual topics that your PPC traffic would be searching for anyway. Therefore, there is more chance that the traffic clicks onto your organic link before the paid link, saving you money and gaining you more traffic (since you have more money to spend in PPC). Remember that one of the reasons advertisers use PPC is to get ranked higher than organic search results without the long and tedious process of search engine optimisation.



No – It’s Irrelevant

On the other hand, the answer to the question ‘Does your landing page’s rank matter’ can simply be answered as no because a low page rank will not hinder the performance of your PPC campaign in anyway whatsoever. The only reason the page rank can hinder performance is if your a publisher of pay per click advertising and not an advertiser since the CPC of the adverts on your website from PPC will be partially determined by the quality of the content on your website and it’s page rank.



Ultimately, you should not be too worried about what the page rank of your landing is. This is because it will not affect your PPC campaign. Treat it as an add on that can potentially gain you extra traffic. If you want to maximise the traffic to your website, you may want to think about another source of traffic other than paid traffic: organic traffic through SEO.

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