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If you are likely to search online, you will find several professionals who are declaring that bum marketing is useless now and article banks are “useless sites”. Because of this, there are hundreds of individuals who ask this same question. Is article marketing still being helpful with regards to SEO? This post will be addressing some areas of Search engine optimization that are related to bum marketing, and will clarify to you why it is still powerful for optimizing a site for all major search engines particularly Google.

Bum marketing is a technique of submitting your written articles to article directories to be able to get one way links to your website. Because it is simpler to have your site published on article submission sites, it will be less difficult for you to have more premium quality back-links. We are all aware of the fact that Search engine optimization highly relies on the number of inbound links, however it also depends on the website that are linking to your site.

Apart from the fact that you will be receiving more inbound links, article marketing will also enable you to get better back-links since the majority of your articles will be syndicated to various websites. If you are planning to publish your articles to article banks, it is open for everybody to copy, given that they keep the authors resource box unchanged. This is how you can anticipate that you will have higher rankings because of your articles.

The only issue is that you have to ensure that you will be carrying out bum marketing in a controlled fashion. Because of the recent updates in search engines algorithms, over doing can damage your website’s rankings terribly. Using software program to publish your article to 1000s of article directories is also an awful idea. If you would like to be productive with bum marketing, you have to be certain that you will be performing it manually.

If you are unaware of the elements that are needed for successful bum marketing, then it’s better to hire an SEO expert. There are plenty of benefits that you can have from them, and you can be guaranteed that these experts know every thing that your site needs to rank higher in Google search results for your targeted kewords.

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