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When it comes to performing search engine optimization, most will look specifically at every individual article so Is SEO The Way Forward Stillthat they can improve it to make it rank higher on search engines. However, it is not just how good the article is you are publishing which determines the ranking of it on search engines – the website it is being published to has a huge impact on the ranking of that article. Therefore, although pagerank seems to be a thing of a past that nobody really refers to as that important, it is still a statistic that is important for your SEO score. Therefore, without further ado, here are a few ways to increase the pagerank of your website.


#1 Backlinks are Important

If I try to put it into layman terms, the more backlinks your website has, the more important that website will seem to Google and other search engines: especially if the websites that are linking to your website are also deemed as important to Google with high online authority.


#2 Internal Links are Important

Not only are external links from other websites important but links on your website that already link to other areas of your website are critical to your pagerank score too. Again, in layman terms, the bigger the spiderweb of webpages on your site that weave in and out and link to each other, the better it is organically for your website.



#3 Submit a Sitemap

The sitemap of a website is a text file which outlines every single page that is on your website. This enables you to submit it to search engines so it is far easier for the search engines to find all of the webpages on your site and include them on search engine results increasing your pagerank.



#4 Submit Your Website EVERYWHERE

When people first create websites, they know that they need to submit the URL of their websites to search engines in order for the search engines to start processing the pages on their website. This will usually involving submitting the URL to the big three: Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, there are thousands of other search engines that are still used by millions of people worldwide…and you have not submitted your URL to any of them!
Therefore, make sure you submit to as many web directories and search engines as possible. There are a lot of websites that have a list of all the search engines so that they automatically submit your URL to all of them with one click of a button.



#5 Fix Broken Links

If your website has any broken links (links which lead to nowhere, have deleted articles associated to them etc.), Google will reduce your pagerank as broken links are not good for organic traffic. Therefore, just like a spring clean, always keep a check on what broken links your website may have, if any, and fix them as soon as they show up.

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