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It is the million dollar question – how can I increase traffic to my website? The simply fact is that there are many ways to increase traffic How to Increase Traffic to a Websiteto a website or a certain web page or even a landing page for a pay per click advertising campaign (since they are all types of web pages). What most people think, though, is that for one to get more traffic, it is going to cost them financially. This is not always the case. For example, yes, you can pay for traffic from the likes of PPC and banner advertising. However, you can also gain traffic from other sources that won’t cost you a single dime. These are listed below.



Social Media

Without doubt, social media is a great source of free traffic anyone can use. The great thing about social media is that, in many cases, you are gaining traffic that are genuinely interested in the contents of the web page being shared. The best way to add social media as a source of traffic for your web page is to install a widget or add on from the likes of AddThis or ShareThis who have plugins optimised to getting your web pages shared.


I can give an example of social media increasing traffic to a website. I have created many websites over the years and one of these websites was called (domain isn’t used any more). I had created an article that compared the best tweet buttons for websites to use. It wasn’t the best article. However, all it take is for one user with many followers on Twitter to share it, which someone did. I gained roughly a 400% traffic increase that day.




I have mentioned that if you want to increase traffic to a website, you can add more sources of traffic. What you can also do is optimise the sources of traffic you already have. For most websites, this will involve optimising search engines to make their articles ranked higher on search engine results organically. For this reason, have a look in the SEO section at the type of articles we have which will help improve your search engine present such as ‘Manually Search Engine Optimise (SEO) Your Articles‘.



Create Great Content Web Users Will Want to Search For

The underlying truth when it comes to increasing traffic to a website is that you will only gain traffic if web users find your content useful. Your web pages must be serving a purpose and fulfilling the objectives of people searching for content like yours on search engines.

This makes it clear that, naturally, the websites with the best and highest rated content will gain the most traffic. This is because this content will be helping the widest span of web users. Great content will not ever be penalised but only rewarded in an increase in traffic.

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