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A pay per click campaign that has a high CTR will have many benefits. For example, your campaign can change to adopt the level of traffic you [How to] Write a Compelling PPC Text Advertwant to your site: you know you can quickly find traffic when you need to. As well as this, a high CTR means that your advert is working efficientlyYour text advert is producing more clicks on it for less ad impressions. However, if you have a low CTR in your PPC campaign, the main and most logical reason for this is your text advert. From a few simple tips, you can improve your text advert to make sure it is compelling to read for all web users.



Be Persuasive

The number one problem advertisers’ adverts under-perform is due to not being persuasive enough. Although a general term, being persuasive is the action of luring and enticing a web user into 1) reading your advert and 2) clicking on it. To make web users read your advert, you need to think about where your ad is placed (which is affected by the keywords you choose and CTR). To get web users to click on your advert, you need to persuade them that they will be at a disadvantage or will be losing out from not clicking on your advert. The aim of an advert is to make whatever you are trying to advertise a must have necessity for them.



Create A Snappy Headline

The headline, no doubt, is the most important element of a text advert. This is the first line most web users will read from your advert. Therefore, make sure you do not lose the web user’s attention here. The aim of the headline is to entice the web user into reading the description – that’s all really. The headline will never have enough characters to fully advertise what you are trying to sell or promote. Therefore, you can use power words such as ‘sale’, ‘cheap’, ‘free’ and so on to encourage the reader to read your description.



Create An Informative Description

After you have managed to get the web user to read your headline, they will, if still enticed by your advert, read the description next. This is usually the ‘make or break’ section of your advert. In the description, you need to make sure you do the following things:

  • Describe in more detail what your advert and landing page is about.
  • Offer the web user something from clicking on your advert (like a reward).
  • Don’t be too pushy. Include a call to action here but make the web user’s actions evoked and not forced.


From doing this, you will be creating a strong argument in the reader’s mind to click on your advert. The URL of the advert can be deemed the least important aspect to the advert. However, because you can change the URL to whatever you want, make sure it includes some of the key keywords of your campaign in it without being too obvious that you are using a made up URL. If not, then it is advisable to use your landing page’s URL shortened down.

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