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Let’s be honest, gaining traffic with an advertising budget is not relatively hard to do. There are different platforms you can choose, such as PPC, social advertising and more, that all work well to bring contextual traffic to your desired landing page. However, not everyone is as lucky to have an advertising budget to fund traffic generation. In actual fact, most start ups will struggle with this, seeing that there are other areas that may possibly require the funding instead.

It is not the end of the world if you do not have a budget but need to gain traffic. Here are some ways you can gain traffic to your website/landing page even with nothing in your wallet.


Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization is a brilliant way to bring traffic. Not only is it free to do at its core, the results that people usually obtain last for months, if not years. For this reason, it is generally where people look to if they have zero budget and need traffic.

With organic traffic generation, though, it can take a while for traffic to start to come in. For example, on one of my content mill websites, it actually took around 6 months of constant posting (around every other day) for traffic to start coming in.


Organic Social Media

Social media can work extremely effective to gain traffic for free for one reason: potential to go viral. A post on social media that goes viral typically gets shares thousands and thousands of times, increasing the exposure of the post, almost exponentially, as more people keep sharing to their net of followers and friends.

For this reason, if you are looking to gain traffic from social media, try and look into the ways of making a post go viral to reap the benefits of such a platform.


Advertise Your Landing Page Internally

If your website is gaining traffic already, you may find you don’t need to look for more external traffic sources, but internal traffic sources. By this, you may need to direct the traffic already on your site to a specific landing page. This can be done with banner adverts around the content, internal links and snippets relating to the landing page within the content to entice the web user into visiting your desired page.



Forums and commenting is a brilliant free way to gain traffic. It allows you to find people that are going to be interested in your landing page/product/service, so has a good level of contextuality. It will also allow you to get friendly with your target market, which is rarely developed between the seller online and the buyer.

However, with commenting, do not stick links in your comments, since they will come up as spam the majority of the time. Simply commenting something relevant, and you are allowed to have a URL linked to your name on the majority of websites so the web user still has somewhere to click onto.

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