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When it comes to a PPC campaign, one of the main objectives of the search advert is to get a click onto it from the web user. A click onto an advert illustrates that the web user is interested in the contents of the advert, and wants to know more about it, possibly leading to a conversion. However, the problem stems with what to put in a search advert to get it to become clickable, with a high click through rate (CTR). With this, here are some ways you can go about making a search advert for PPC that bit more appealing to the web user.


Title Heavy

From looking at many PPC campaigns from the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign‘ series on PPC.org, the majority of the best adverts tend towards having titles that are full or ‘heavy’ on content. This is because of the fact that the title is the largest font of the search advert. Therefore, having more content with large font will increase the exposure level of the advert, increasing the likelihood of a click onto it.


If Title Heavy, Low Content Description

If you go for a title full of content, then it is a good idea to go for a low content description. This is so that you do not over-saturate the web user with information, allowing for some of the information to be displayed on the landing page. As well as this, too much content in an advert can cause the web user to lose interest quickly.


If Not Title Heavy, High Content Description

If you choose to not go for a heavy content title, then the opposite applies, where you can use the description space more effectively to fill with content.


Cleaned Up URL

The URL section of a search advert does not necessarily have to be the real URL of the landing page. In actual fact, you can choose the URL to be anything you want. With this, it is a good choice to make sure your URL is clean and contains 1-2 keywords in it too. The best URLs are the ones that contain 1-2 keywords and are the same as the landing page URL itself.


Use of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a brilliant way of getting a click or conversion from a search advert. Without looking into the functionality of ad extensions, they immediately increase the size of the advert, which will, in turn, increase the exposure level of the advert.

Looking at the functionality, there is an ad extension for, pretty much, whatever you want: calls, links, reviews, location and much more. Ad extensions work by either complimenting the search advert with more information, or pointing web users to a specific page or piece of information that prevents the web user from having to find such information on the landing page. This reduces the effort on the web user’s side.

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