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If you were to search for the term “Google” using the Google search engine you would get a large amount of results over 2.5 billion to be exact. Google is one of the first search engines with the capacity to show so many results for any one search term much less their own website. This wasn’t something that you would find in search engines of the past. As a matter of fact that is how Google was born.

The founders of Google; Larry Page and Sergey Brin one day decided to test the search engines of their day. These search engines were AltaVista and Inktomi and what they did was to search for each respective search engine using their search page. What did they get? – Nothing, nada, zilch, they came up with zero results.  They then created Google which is one of the most famous and most used search engines the world has ever seen and probably will ever see.

Google hasn’t stopped with the firsts since then, they are now the leaders in PPC advertising. They have always worked to stay ahead of the rest and are constantly developing things to make the internet experience better for both those advertising and those searching for products and services. They have always used imagination in their practices and this makes them ideal for helping you to be successful with your business.

Here are a couple PPC tips that you can use to make your advertising on the internet the most efficient for the success of your business.

  1. Your web address should be easy to remember and should contain what your consumers are looking for. If you have already chosen and paid for a domain name you can easily create a sub domain to include the necessary keywords. You can do this by going to your control panel for your web host. Here you can create whatever sub domain you want to. Some web hosts allow you to create up to 70 domains so you should have enough to include as many keywords as are profitable. Ensure that the sub domain does exist before you put it on your ad as you don’t want to get on Google’s bad side as they catch up with you pretty fast.
  2. Your text is very important, you want it to be as appealing as possible which sometimes means you shouldn’t try to sell your product. Being subtle is the key while using your imagination to be creative at the same time.
  3. Keep the keyword in your headline, whatever keyword you are bidding on is what you should place in the advertisement’s headline. If you have multiple keywords you can do an ad for every 2 or 3 keywords quite easily using AdWords.
  4. Your next task for your ad content is the price. This ensures that all the information a person needs to see is right there. They will be more likely to click on your ad if they know what awaits them when they click.
  5. Don’t run ads every day, you simply don’t need to. When you start out run them every day to see which days you don’t get a lot of traffic or conversion and that would be the day you shouldn’t run your ad.



John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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