When you think about pay per click advertising in general, the first thought that should pop into your head is Google and their program AdWords. Although it doesn’t feel like it, Google Adwords is now reaching on for it’s 12th birthday making it seem very old indeed. However, Google AdWords has kept up with the forever .

Having it’s début in 2000, Google AdWords has taken the PPC market by storm which now produce 97% of all of Google’s revenue! For one program, that is crazy. What made Google so successful in PPC? It is clear they have dominated the PPC advertising market leaving every competitor fighting for the leftovers Google rarely give out in this market. They have PPC right where they want it. How did this happen though?


The first reason is pretty obvious. Google invented pay per click advertising. Before AdWords, there was no real viral pay per click advertising company to use. It’s easier to compare this scenario with Apple and the iPad. Before the iPad, there were tablets. However, nobody really bought them because they were useless. Before AdWords, there were other PPC programs out there but nobody used them because they were not effective at all as a way to advertise online. Google was the first major company to produce an effective program. Due to this, every other major company has been behind Google desperately trying to catch up and reduce the deficit.


The name ‘Google’ is also extremely safe and well known. The biggest search engine on the website and a name that is worth over $30 billion, Google is a trusted brand and company which in every area have pretty much succeeded: even when the tide is against them. In the phone market, there are now more Android phones being bought daily than iPhones. In the tablet market, more and more manufacturers are adopting the Android UI as a good competitor to IOS. Google have recently also released their own operating systems for laptops called Chromebook taking advantage of Google’s extremely successful browser: Google Chrome. Whatever way you look at it, Google is a risk-free company where you can safely say they will be successful. This is what brought advertisers to AdWords. The high reputation and good brand awareness Google have has encouraged and persuaded consumers to use their PPC advertising programs (being AdWords) rather than the competitors.


It’s not just AdWords that has constantly made Google dominate PPC. Big time companies such as Google and Microsoft are constantly trying to keep up with the pace Google are setting in PPC. Only now could I really say that Yahoo and Microsoft have around the same features as AdWords and Adsense (but not the accessibility). However, Google have now introduced a new innovation to online advertising being Google DoubleClick. I have tried to use it but still find it complicated to master. However, I do think it will once again revolutionise the way we look at online advertising. Have a look at the homepage of DoubleClick. The whole of the theme of the website is in the base colour green: positive: life: success.  I have high hopes in the future for Google DoubleClick.


Ultimately, Google are a company that have completey mastered the PPC market. They know what advertisers want and they provide it to them. Contextual advertising on budget limitations to the millions with the options of locational targeting. Never before has advertising with Google AdWords been so easy and that is why they will always be the PPC company to beat.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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