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The last PPC campaign analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Happy Days, who had created a PPC campaign to target those wanting to purchase Mother’s Day gifts. The problem with their campaign was the fact that the search advert did not address this as clearly as they could have and the landing page had a few negative areas where Happy Days could have made it better. With this article being written on Mother’s Day, here is a continuation of the analysis looking at a different competitor this time: Home Made By You (which we find out to be Sainsbury’s).


To view Home Made By You (or Sainsbury’s) PPC search advert, I had to type into Google search UK, ‘mother’s day gifts’:

Home Made By You PPC Search AdvertFeaturing at the top of paid search results, we can presume quite confidently that Sainsbury’s have the highest CPC for such a keyword phrase (although it does, to some extent, depend on the quality score of the advert which takes into consideration a few other factors).

The advert Sainsbury’s has created is interesting. The first thing that surprises me is the fact that there are adverts displaying for Mother’s Day gifts…on Mother’s Day. What use is there even having an advert display for this?

But this is where Sainsbury’s advert is slightly different. Although they want the web user to recognize this is by Sainsbury’s, they have emphasized a different brand name: Home Made By You. This, to me, gives the impression that you can still make a gift for your mother that is homemade (i.e. you do not need to go out and buy it but can make it with what you have in your house already). For this reason, I think this is a well targeted advert considering the time that this advert is live.


After clicking on the above advert, I came to the following landing page:

Home Made By You PPC Landing PageFrom looking at this landing page, it is quite different to the type we usually analyse in the series. There are no clear buttons to click onto and nothing to buy and convert. This is a landing page designed to simply share information with the web user, with the aim to increase brand awareness for Sainsbury’s (and The Huffington Post, as it seems). The landing page is an article outlining six different things you can make yourself for your mother from your own kitchen.


What is the Point of this Campaign?

Interesting question. There is no clear cut way of Home Made By You gaining a conversion from the web user. Judging from the search advert which was dominated by the brand name ‘Home Made By You’, it is clear that the general conversion is to get web users to become familiar with the website and brand name, so that when they want to make something for someone else that is homemade, the first website that they will think about and visit directly is Home Made By You’s. Of course, measuring the conversion for such a campaign is a difficult process to say the least (since the conversion can be seen to be direct traffic in the future). However, from what we have seen today, it is fair to say that this is well optimized campaign for the objectives of Home Made By You.

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