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The last PPC campaign I analysed in a ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Perfect Glasses, who had a good search advert but a landing page that could have been better. With summer around the corner, it has never been a better time to look to buy an action camcorder to record all of the amazing things summer will entail. For this reason, here is an analysis of GoPro’s PPC campaign.


To view GoPro’s PPC search advert, I had to type into Google search UK, ‘gopro’:

GoPro PPC Search AdvertStraight away, we can see that GoPro have a search advert that is far from the norm for what appears. As well as this, we can see the recently changed ‘Ad’ from yellow to green. Google Shopping sponsored results are the focus of this search keyword with the GoPro search advert second. So why have GoPro made a search advert for this own brand name when Google Shopping dominates sponsored results?

Instead of allowing their organic number one search result from appearing from this search phrase (which would lead web users to GoPro’s homepage) the search advert promotes one of GoPro’s newest camcorders: the GoPro Hero Session. Therefore, it could be seen that the main reason for this advert is to promote their new camcorder so that the awareness of their new product increases.

Looking at the advert itself, it is a great example of how to do an advert to promote something new. The title has the name of the new product and GoPro’s URL. The first line of the description highlights the pricing of the product (which will entice many people since it is the cheapest GoPro available) with the second line highlighting some of the main features of the new camcorder. What is good from GoPro too is the fact the site link extensions allows web users to view other products from GoPro: just in case they know about the Hero Session and do not want to buy it.


After clicking on the above advert, I came to the following landing page:
GoPro PPC Landing PageI am slightly confused by this landing page since the advert specifically advertised the Hero Session but the landing page shows three camcorders. What I would have expected would have been a product page to go into the detail of the Hero Session…

Putting this aside, the landing page has many positives:

  • The navigation menu is a dream to use, since it expands the options when hovering over different parts of the menu with the mouse.
  • Regardless of showing two extra camcorders on this landing page, the way they take centre attention and show prices with features does make them appetising to buy: especially the cheaper Hero Session when compared to the other two.
  • The arrows pointing down next to ‘SEE ALL CAMERAS’ encourages the web user to scroll below the fold of the page, which provides additional information about the GoPro camcorders with beautiful images to accompany them. This is particularly effective of GoPro since some of the best ways to advertise their camcorders is to show the footage and images of what they can do.

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