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As many of you know, Google updated it’s PR ranking today which caused many people to cringe.  This isn’t a big update by any means and I don’t think people should continue to pay as much attention to this as their rankings in general but still.  It’s something to base your work and show your clients that you’re working on their SEO.

Google February 6th 2012 PR Updates that happened to my sites:

  • Pixloo virtual tour site got PR ranking on all innner pages (expected because we switched all inner pages from .php to .html
  • Coupon Slap daily deals site went up to a PR1 which is funny cause it got slapped 3 months ago, looks like it’s on it’s way back up
  • Drowned.org – Helping Drowned Victims site went up to a PR1
  • Plumbing client went from a PR1 to a PR 3
  • Blogging.org went from a PR0 – PR 4, by far our best update.
  • eMazda went back up to a PR1
  • Dedicated Hosting client got several PR5’s across their highly ranked website
  • Several other clients sites went up a little bit

Besides those nothing has been very significant resulting in me thinking that this was not a major update.  Didn’t cause any of my sites to move up or down in the rankings and was not anything to deal with Panda rankings or any other SEO effort.  Purly just a Page Rank Update.

Speaking of Page Rank, don’t take it so seriously, it’s something that Google is doing out of the goodness of their hearts and I don’t think will personally be around for much longer.  I think they should do away with it and we should all pay much more attention to rankings and how well we are doing.  If your business is ranking, you will see results.  If your PR Ranking goes up, your site isn’t going to rank better.  Build links for ranking better in the SERPs not for gaming rankings.  Focus on your PPC and SEO skills, build good content


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