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Staying visible on Google’s search result page is vital to any business’ success. Its new update, however, has somewhat turned the tables upside-down by focusing on how fresh the content is rather than whether it is valuable or not. Therefore, you’ll have to rethink your online strategies in order to take advantage of this change and still promote your company in the same manner. Below, we’ll go over some simple tips and techniques that you can use to retain your search engine rankings.

Regularly Create New Content

Since these new Google updates mention ‘freshness’, you may think updating your website with new content is obvious. The problem lies with how exactly to do this, however, meaning that some websites may eventually fall behind. At its most basic level, you will need to create new content on your site that is relevant to your company and which focuses on the right keywords. “If you have the resources, try and create fresh content through a regular syndication or weekly column” – said Dan associated with PDX SEO.  As well as providing new material for the search engines to find, you’ll also boost your website’s potential for new sales and profits through the following means:

  • Engaging your customers with news and updates relevant to the industry
  • Encouraging readers to visit your site of their own accord in the future
  • Increasing word-of-mouth advertising by users sharing your new content

Creating new material for your website on a regular basis is a great way for you to capture the attention of new customers as well as the search engines.

Look for Fresh Keywords

Since Google’s algorithms are still unknown, it seems that some keywords produce fresher content than others. Thus, you’ll have to do your research about which ones are the most effective phrases to focus on in your newly-updated content. This can be done with some help from an SEO specialist or through a particular software package. What matters is that you locate some keywords which produce the best results and then incorporate these into your content. When creating your text, remember that the topic has to be relevant to the phrases chosen. It should also be readable so that the average individual remains on your website or shares the article with their friends and family.

Update Your Old Content

This step is one of the most difficult to do since it involved tweaking your existing material to better suit recent changes and events. Whereas previously, you could simply leave your homepage as static, simply adding material to your blog, now you have to make changes to all of your pages, keeping them as fresh as possible. This means you’ll need to put a lot more work into your site.

One way of making these changes is to look at your old content and see if there is anything that you can add. Maybe you’ve learnt something in the past that you can now include; or possibly some new event or research study has come to light which alters what you’ve written in some way. In either case, you’ll need to keep yourself up-to-date and look out for material that can be used to change your existing content to become more in-trend as well.

Discuss Hot Events and Topics

The good news is that Google themselves have offered some advice about how to stay ahead in their rankings by focusing on the fresh content. Regardless of your field, you should write about recent events or trending topics to enhance your company’s online visibility. In this way, you’ll tap into keywords that are now being searched for quite frequently, giving your readers the latest information about these topics through your website. Again, this will encourage more traffic and make your site more attractive to Google due to its high levels of “freshness”.

These four changes will ensure your website stays competitive regardless of what industry you’re in. While they may require more work than before, the end results will be ones that you can really benefit from. Not only will your web pages gain a much higher search engine ranking but you’ll also engage your readers like never before!

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