Google’s algorithm is constantly being changed and updated throughout the year but the value of your site’s ranking in Google remains as important as it has been.

The supreme controller of high leads and traffics is undoubtedly Google and with it being the major factor in marketing inbound it does have a big effect on any sites that might be searched on Google.

Let’s take a look at the effects of Google Ranking on your site along with what you can do about it

Search Ranking

Google is and will remain the dictator when it comes to search engines. Google got 79 percent of all search traffic in 2017. Other search engines like Bling, Baidu and Yahoo swhich may be significant in some way don’t even come close in this case.

Free service like Search Console from Google lets you know exactly how users get to your site through Google. It also helps you improve your site for accessibility in Google search. Keep updating with Google Algorithm to keep your site on the same track with Google search engine.

Google gets the Most Searches in Seconds

According to Internet Live Stats, on any day Google gets over sixty three thousand searches per second! Now that’s just another way to say that people search much more on Google. SEO is necessary to any website strategy and the goldmine of search is in Google so why not go there.

Google Favors Quality Content and Links

Most first page result in Google has lengthier contents. This may make it seem like long contents will rank better. But Google doesn’t only look at the length; it favors both quality and quantity. Try to give users a detailed and useful content. The fact that half of the searches are not just the normal three to four words but more with specific searches, users will somehow find your content helpful if it has all the details of a topic.

We also know that Google deems relevant and reputable links as top important factor of ranking sites. It is found that long content over 1000 words get higher links and shares than shorter content. Keep in mind that it’s not really the number of links but the quality of links that counts. Bad irrelevant links are only going to put your site on Google’s lists of bad side.

Content is Still King with the Right Keywords

Content as we have seen should be high quality. What does Google look for as high quality other than the length? Your keywords are a relevant factor for Google. Although it is important to use keywords in the main content body in addition to titles and tags, it is no longer about cramming the content with the same keywords. It is better to use more diverse and relevant keywords along with the main keywords.

Competitors are all for Google SEO

Companies and marketers are yielding the effects of SEO in every way they can. This means most of them are getting better in the competition. Better ranking in Google search should be a top priority for any website that wants to flourish in the coming years.

Local Google Search

The number of local searches in Google has increased tremendously. If your site is serviceable to a specific area, you shouldn’t miss this.

Local searches also have high conversion rate. People searching near them are more likely to actually go to the local store that comes up in search result.

Also many mobile users search within proximity. Make your site show up in the local search because once local users find your site they will probably avail your service.

Google wants fresh

Whether it’s publishing new post or updating an old one with new information, Google notices when your site is active or not. And it certainly gives credit to the active ones. This can tremendously increase your site’s organic search.

Got an old post that ranked really well with keywords? Go on, republish it with modified  or updated additional contents.

Google Ranking on the Technical side

Having taken care of the contents and the links, the top off-page SEOs that matters for Google are:

  1. Page Speed

The ideal site for Google ranking should load within three seconds or less. Users don’t want to wait for slow websites. Since Google is all for good user interface and experience, its ranking is highly sensitive to the speed. Check for issues that might be slowing down your site such as rich contents, high resolution images, videos, excessive codes, caches etc.

There are many good tools like Accelerated Mobile Page, Progressive Web Apps, Page Speed Insights, etc which you can use to monitor and improve your site’s speed.

  1. Google Ranking Demands Mobile Optimization

It would be wise to notice that the world is rapidly going mobile. And Google knows that too. So it’s vouching for mobile-first and not desktop-first. Make your site device responsive and mobile-friendly since it is an important factor of Google SEO.

Failing to make your site optimized for mobile means your site won’t show up in the mobile searches. With half of the Google searches done from mobile device which is expected to even increase in the future, your site will wane out of traffic soon if you don’t go by the trend.

SEO may not always be simple but it has become so vital for online marketing and business that it is now a normal part of every website.  Every site wants to be on Google’s top search result for reasons stated above. When most are even willing to pay for it, it’s an obvious sign that those sites are putting all efforts in Google Ranking. For any website’s life to continue and thrive it is unspoken fact that sites will have to play according to Google when it comes to SEO and rankings.

Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of Transtutors, an Online Assignment Help platform for Graduation and Post-Graduation level. It has been his passion and vision to help the students across the globe that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy. He wants to incorporate technology in making students learn appropriately through the biggest hub of Questions and Answers bank. He is enthusiastic and passionate about internet products that when used appropriately can make a big difference in the lives of people.

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