Since Google AdWords is the most used form of online advertising out there being used in its millions upon millions,Google Adsense Tips For 2016 it should not come as a surprised that Google Adsense is the most used form of advertising revenue, for publishers, being used in its millions upon millions too. Therefore, learning how to to optimize your Google Adsense account to maximize the revenue coming out of it is a must – the problem being that there are so many different ways you can optimize it. To help you out, here are some of the best tips to help you with Adsense revenue generation for 2016.



#1 Use the Optimization Tab

Being a relatively new feature to Google Adsense, the ‘Optimization’ tab allows users to do back-to-back testing for two different formats of adverts to see which one is producing the best results. That way, you can produce accurate data from the experiment to determine which of the tests proved the most successful and stick to that for the future.

The great thing about this, as well, is that Google Adsense really does help you out if you are stuck for optimization. It recommends back-to-back tests you should do based on what it thinks is best for you and conducts them with your permission. With each test also comes a ‘Confidence’ score from 0-100% of how much Google Adsense thinks the test will be a success or not. Ultimately, this tab will save you alot of time.



#2 Content Adverts Are Key to Success

In the past, there was a lot of research that concluded that adverts just above the article’s title and content tended to perform quite well. The main reason for this is that by having it just below the title, there is more chance the web user will start reading the advert at the start of the article and below the content they will continue reading after the content.

However, the best adverts are those that are embedded inside the content. Therefore, if you have found your adverts are not performing as well as you hoped in terms of the click through rate, download and install a plugin for WordPress that lets you embed articles after a calibratable ‘X’ number of paragraphs.



#3 Use Adsense’s Responsive Adverts

Adsense has a great feature where instead of dictating what you want the advert size to be, you can choose for the advert to be ‘Responsive’ instead. This will produce an advert that matches the space around it. For example, if you have an advert in a 300 pixel wide sidebar, a responsive advert will display a 300×250 advert.

The great thing about responsive adverts is the fact that they can be used irrespective of what device and size screen is viewing it. If you have a 4K screen viewing it, it will go for one size. If you have a tablet viewing it, another size might appear to fit the tablet and if you are viewing the article on a mobile device, another sized advert will appear for that. This is great for generating mobile revenue which I have found in the past to be quite tricky for websites (mobile themes generally are harder to monetize).

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