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eCommerce is an influential means for budding entrepreneurs to engage into business activity. Without an eCommerce portal and high visibility, there cannot be any business flowing anywhere on the internet. To increase the prospects of business on the internet, eCommerce SEO becomes indispensible.  The only means of increasing business prospects on internet is when you have strong customer base, and they feel enthusiastic to locate your products and/or services. And this happens because your store is placed in target markets and comes in search results.

And now on the flipside, in the outset of 2019, many eCommerce stores are falling much behind in absence of organic customers.  It seems obvious here to understand that your customers find difficulty in locating your store on search engines, because it is not ranked on top positions on search engines. You have not implemented executable, result-oriented SEO strategies, and even if you did apply the strategies, these do not comply with 2019.

Why SEO is Critical for eCommerce more than Ever

Stores on the internet compete fiercely to rank up and above everything else. Google or any search engine for that matter will never pick any store randomly and show it in search results.  eCommerce stores are always striving for holding on to #1 spot.

SEO is the biggest revenue churner; quite little is thoughtfully considered by business owners. Plenty of paid social media campaigns are active each day and not without the expense of recurring expenditure. The potential of SEO and its criticality is essential for driving realistic results and huge organic traffic. With minimum white hat SEO efforts, your eCommerce store will be spotted on impressive rank, besides registering outstanding autopilot sales.

SEO strategies executed in right direction for eCommerce is a great value creator, as there will be continuous and repeat traffic, not to speak of the superb conversion rate it brings along the way.

What are the Potential eCommerce SEO Strategies for 2019 to Drive Whopping Traffic on Your Website?

Year 2019 has already hit the Gregorian calendar, and we all know murmurs are there, off and on, about business prospects of eCommerce stores. It is quite obvious for the online store owners to think of innovative SEO strategies for pushing up sales and driving higher rate of conversions than previous years. The hard part is that approach for SEO eCommerce incorporated in last few years, has undergone massive transformation and not just changes. Here are a few important ones to discuss and think about:

#1 – Select Scalable Shopping Platform – You cannot play a prank while making the selection of shopping platform for your eCommerce store. As the part of effective SEO approach for your eCommerce store, it is relevant to look out for the platform that offers you seemingly high scalability. A scalable platform is easy to upgrade when you move up to higher platforms.

#2 – Select Simple URLs – If the URL of each page of your store is short and has relevance to the listed products, there is very high likelihood for page to come in search engine results. The crawlers will search these concise URLs quickly and save them in their memory.  On the opposite side, if your URLs seem excessively long, probability is high that you lose search engine rankings.

#3 – Create Unique Tags for Images – Each time you create any product image, you should create a unique tag for that image. This is essential as the product image out there will appear in the search results. Moreover, the “Alt” tags should clearly define text descriptions, which qualify the product. There is no reason to place the content for heart care when you are describing food items.

#4 – Select Winning Keywords – Use of optimal keywords, which are not only competitive, but still have good traffic. Changing buyer behavior in 2019, calls for new trends to search information about the product or service.  Selecting the outperforming keywords is great, but a good idea would be to capitalize on keywords, which are gaining momentum in recent times.

#5 – Product Reviews have Usefulness – Products reviews are written by humans, and therefore, these have a wider organic factor. These product reviews are useful in enhancing keyword density and besides, offer potential resource for researching potent keywords.  Customers use key phrases and keywords to tell-a-tale about a product or service, and these very key phrases and keywords are also used when customers are searching on Google.

#6 – Make Appealing Description Tags for High Click-Through Rate – Description tags are information snippets seen by internet surfers. Treat the description tags as the “Mini Tags,” for every product page and generic pages of your website.  Therefore, an exclusive, keyword rich description written for web pages that is brief and precise, will appeal surfers to click through to your page.

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In line of everything else, SEO for the eCommerce is a worthwhile strategy to ensure high visibility of products, and enhance prospects for your business.  This strategy is also influential in driving relevant traffic to eCommerce stores for higher conversions and greater ROIs.

Kishor Jha is Digital marketing expert who works for 6ixwebsoft Technology Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading Digital marketing company based in India and USA that holds a team of professionals in SEO, Paid marketing and advertising, Social advertising, Influence marketing, web design, and development, etc. He has more than 7 years of experience in the same profile and he loves to share their thoughts and experience on the internet.

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