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SEO is a fascinating term for marketers. When used properly, it is a sustainable and cost-effective way to drive new customers to our websites.

Just like any other industry, SEO also has seen many updates since it’s infancy in the early 21st century and the search engine giant Google is doing a great job in ensuring that we bloggers don’t get close to figuring out its core search algorithm.

I wouldn’t blame Google for that.

I’d do the same if I had a major chunk of my revenue coming from impression hungry customers using AdWords.

Besides the animals Google keeps on sending to hunt down our websites, there are many “SEO experts” who love to spread misinformation and myths about SEO. All they need is an internet connection and a device to access the web.

Some of the common myths revolve around backlinks, content and the insider access to Google’s ranking database (this might sound funny but there are some people who guarantee position 1 rankings on Google like they own it, and the sad part is that people actually fall for this)

The worst offender of them all is the cold statement that SEO is dead.

This really ticks me off. If you are one of those who thinks that there’s no point in doing SEO, then you couldn’t be more wrong, my friend. Sure, the age-old techniques that you still try to use in 2018 are dead, but not the mothership.

Being in the SEO industry for the last 5 years and having seen many techniques and strategies go obsolete and the new ones emerge at the same time, I can safely say that advanced SEO is ever evolving, but the basics remain the same and you need to be patient to survive this game.

In an effort to debunk the eight most common myths, I have created the following infographic along with a detailed explanation as to why you shouldn’t believe in the nonsense being circulated online and have faith in SEO.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to share this with fellow bloggers. You are most welcome to leave a comment below if you have any counter-arguments or some other myths to share.

Debunking the 8 Common Myths in SEO Industry

Hey guys, my name is Imran Khan. Being in the SEO industry for a decent period, I have seen many techniques go obsolete and new ones emerge at the same time. The core concept, which is user experience, however, remains the same and I don't see it going anywhere.

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