Writing adverts that are likely to get clicked on takes time and skill where you must understand what you are trying to achieve. You may have the best website in the world, the best content, best product/service or resources for others to use. However, if you can’t direct targeted traffic to your site from Adwords or other PPC advertising programs, the money, effort and time you placed into your campaign will be wasted. Here, I will go through the basics of how to create an effective advert which will clearly display to potential customers what your website is about. As well as that, I will provide tips to increase the conversion rate and CPC of your adverts giving you more value to your advertising budget.

What To Do First 

Before you get going writing out your advert, you must ask yourself, what type of advert do I want to create? Here are the options:

  • Image/Animated Advert – These require more time to create and often have a higher CTR and conversion rate. Nevertheless, because these adverts take up more room, the competition increases increasing the CPC.
  • Text Advert – For anyone starting a PPC campaign, this is a good advert to start with. Easy and quicker to create, text adverts are one of the most used marketing methods on the internet.

For now, I will stick to text adverts as it is the most effective form of marketing if used in the right way. So, let’s analyse the structure to a text advert for programs such as AdWords (the structure of text adverts are always the same):






How To Create The Perfect Headline

The headline is the first part of the advert any reader sees. Therefore, it needs to catch their attention make the reader want to read the description part of the advert. As well as that, it needs to include quality keywords so your advert shows up to targeted readers only. Let’s take an example:

Coca Cola are releasing a new fizzy drink named Coca Cola 86. It is the Coca Cola from the past giving many the taste Coca Cola achieved when it was first created in 1886.”

Here, the keywords are highlighted in bold. Moving on, to create a grasping headline, it is encouraged to include any of the following words as these are some of the most powerful words in the English language – You, Money, New, Save, Results, Easy, Health, Safety, Love, Discovery, Proven and Guaranteed. From this, we can create an informative and catchy headline to grasp the short attention span of internet users:


New Coca Cola 86 


We can see this headline tells us something new is happening. Already, we are wondering what this new product is and will read onto the description to find a little bit about this new and unheard of product. It also provides the keywords ‘new’ and ‘coca cola’ so that when people search for ‘new coca cola’, this advert will appear bringing targeted traffic.

How To Create The Perfect Description

The description to your advert does not need to entice the reader any more but inform them of the benefits what ever your advert has to offer. The description just like the headline must also be packed with keywords and powerful words (list is above) too. Keeping to the theme of Coca Cola, let’s make a description for their new made up product, Coca Cola 86:


New Coca Cola 86

Discover the new fizzy drink guaranteed the taste of Coca Cola from 1886.


I have used both ‘discovery’ and ‘guaranteed’ powerful words to make the product sound great while also describing the main USP of this Coca Cola 86, that it has the same taste as the Coca Cola in 1886. After you have created the description, you can then move onto…

How To Create The Perfect URL

Creating the URL of a text advert has a little more freedom than you might expect. You can either write your actual URL in or create a fake custom URL but still have it link to the actual URL. In either case, it is not necessary to show the http:// part of your URL: the simpler your advert, the better. As well as that, make each word in the URL with a capital letter to help define what words your URL is made up of. Again, it is easier to show this with my example of Coca Cola:

Actual URL:


New Coca Cola 86

Discover the new fizzy drink guaranteed the taste of Coca Cola from 1886.



This advert has the benefits that the person clicking on the advert will also be able to remember the actual URL giving them the ability to type the URL back into the address bar (they don’t have to view the advert to go back onto the webpage).

Fake Custom URL:


New Coca Cola 86

Discover the new fizzy drink guaranteed the taste of Coca Cola from 1886.



This has the benefit of giving you the chance to place more powerful words into your advert to increase the chances of your advert being clicked. However, typing this URL into an address bar won’t get the internet user onto www.CocaCola86.com. Each type of URL will be effective: the choice is yours.

That’s it! You will have created a SEO text advert ready to be used in a PPC campaign. Whatever you are trying to promote be it a product, service or another website, the following above structure for a text advert will always prove effective in achieving the best CTR, CPC and conversion rate for your adverts.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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