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Understanding how to effectively optimise your text advert to increase its click through rate is key to a Brand Name Promotion - PPC Text Advert Strategy #1successful PPC campaign. For the majority, this will be done with a tweak here and a few minor adjustments over there etc. in an attempt to get every last drop of performance out of your text advert. However, is your text advert, to begin with, as could as it can be and is it even heading down the right road for a good CTR? Structuring what information to put where in a PPC text advert is a difficult process to say the least. With this in mind and for those unsure with creating a text advert, here is the first PPC strategy many advertisers use when it comes to a text advert (which you can also see being used in my Analyse A Real PPC Campaign Series).



The Brand Name Promotion Strategy

The Benefits

The brand name promotion strategy for PPC text adverts, as it states in the name, is all about spreading the brand awareness of your website’s URL and name. This has the following key benefits:

  • By advertising your brand name clearly to web users, they will remember your brand name in future solidifying your brand name for what they searched for online.
  • If your advert does not get a click, it is not the end of the world. By advertising your brand name, you are encouraging people to remember it allowing them to directly visit your website in future: without the need for any PPC marketing.
  • Although Google’s expanded text adverts mean the URLs are more representative of the landing page, it is still a little vague just exactly what URL you sometimes will land onto from clicking onto a PPC search advert. Through brand awareness, you are confirming the rough URL they will land onto.


The Brand Name Promotion Structure

The brand name promotion text advert in PPC has the following structure:


[what the web user has searched for keywords] – [homepage URL]

A description to build on what the web user has searched for with a call to action in there too for good measure.

www.domainname.com/[what the web user searched for keywords]


Although this may seem simple, it is a very effective structure for which you will see many campaigns use. The reason they use this is because it works wonders in brand awareness and in gaining high and healthy click through rates.

It also does mean that the advert is also relatively straight forward to create. The title of the advert is pretty much dictated already by what keywords you are targeting likewise with the URL. The description is where a little work will need to be spent to give enough information to entice the web user without going into too much detail – and don’t forget a call to action somewhere in there too!

So, ultimately, if you are struggling for ideas with your PPC search advert or find your current advert is not performing to your liking, give the brand name promotion strategy a go and see what improvements it could potentially make for your campaign.

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