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Unique content – Of course we all are aware of it, duplicating material from others websites/blogs will only harm your SEO efforts. Using Private label rights contents will not assist you likewise. What you can perform is to produce your own content material. If you publish duplicate content, then all major search engine with find it and, you will not get rankings for your desired keywords. So, for better ranking in Bing, have a well written informative and exclusive content on your website/blog

Interact with other bloggers – Try to interact with other bloggers in your niche. The best way to interact is by writing a guest post for them and in return asks for back-links for your website. The other best way of interacting is by doing blog commenting. Always write valuable comments that are interesting and engaging. When you comment on their blogs they will in return comment on your blog. This kind of strong interaction will update your blog regularly and will boost your rankings in Bing.

Pick out right keywords – Invest some time executing keyword search. You can simply write articles within hours, but without having the right keyword it is useless. If you would like more targeted traffic for your website, then figure out the appropriate keywords that you can integrate in your titles and content material. One more thing is, don’t over use your keywords in content as it look spamming.

Other Tips

  • Try to buy older domain name for your website as Bing trust older websites more than new ones.
  • Pay attention on your Meta tags as Bing pay special consideration on Meta tags. Use your keyword/keywords in your Meta tags for better rankings.
  • Use and forums to get back-links for your website as Bing love Forums and

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