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To be honest, this has been a long time coming. Ever since Microsoft created their own search engine, Bing, on June 1st 2009, has struggled to make a profit. This is not really that surprising since with new products and services, there is always going to be a cost to get things rolling which is replenished over time as the essay writing services goes on to succeed – think of Bing as Microsoft’s business start up. However, after over 6 years of Bing helping web users with their search queries, Microsoft finally announced on Thursday 22nd October 2015 that Bing has become profitbale and even mentioned that Bing alone has contributed more than $1 billion for Microsoft’s first quarter. So it seems things are starting to go well for Bing and Microsoft. What are the potential reasons for this?



#1 Windows 10

One of the biggest reasons Bing has now become profitable is because of Windows 10. The integration of Bing into the search bar at the bottom of the UI means it is now easier than ever for Windows 10 users to search for anything be it on their local hard drive or on the internet with Bing. Therefore, it is clear that the ease of use of the search bar has meant millions more people have used Bing as their search engine since it is far easier to use the search bar on Windows 10 than to open up a web browser, enter Google.com and use Google as the search engine.



#2 Cortana

Another great reason why Bing has become successful is because of the integration it has with Cortana. Although this has happened on Windows smartphones and tablets for quite some time now, it has not happened on desktops and laptop computers. The fact that all of the devices sold with Windows UI now has Cortana means that any query at all will be using Bing as the search engine.



#3 Not Relying on Yahoo

In the past, Microsoft has made deals with Yahoo to expand Bing as a search engine. However, Yahoo recently announced a new deal that means they would now work closely with Google to provide Yahoo search queries as ads on Google. The fact Yahoo has pushed away from helping Bing has made Microsoft become less reliant on Yahoo, causing them to fund and address the issues with Bing themselves to help it expand. Needless to say that it has worked based on the figures Microsoft have just announced for their first quarter figures.



At the end of the day, Google and Yahoo are always going to be used by millions, if not billions, worldwide. However, the operating system of Microsoft, https://grademiners.com/research-paper Windows and Windows 10, means that Microsoft has the power to promote Bing much more easily such as with the search bar and Cortana. Therefore, it goes without saying that the push for Bing integrated into Windows 10 and Cortana has been the biggest factor in the search engine’s amazing revenue.

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