It’s no secret to the world that when it comes to blogging, I want to make money and so do many millions of bloggers too worldwide. The problem is that there are so many variables which can affect how much money you make from PPC. The location, the size, type, colour, the traffic you are getting, your website’s template and so on. The great thing is that there are articles already online helping you in the areas I picked out such as the colouring of your adverts. One problem bloggers are now facing is by what PPC program to use. Google Adsense has always been on top since they first introduced themselves to PPC over ten years ago. From my experience, this article will help you come to grips with the best PPC program out there.


Over the years, I have found myself using three main PPC programs to try and monetize my website with:

  • Google Adsense of course.
  • Ad Dynamo.


Google Adsense

I first used Adsense and out of the three PPC programs, have used them the longest too. They offer the widest pool of advertisers to bid for your advertising spaces, have a good layout and work in most countries to their own currencies. The best bit about Adsense is the fact that it makes money really well. By this, take an example of my earnings with Adsense today. I recently switched back to Adsense around 2-3 hours ago. The impressions have been a few hundred. My earnings have been £1.44  ($2.20). No advertising program, let alone a PPC program, can provide an RPM of £7.81 ($11.95). It’s ridiculous.

Best PPC Program To Make Most Money 2013 - Edited

However, a common problem I have noticed is that getting banned from Adsense is all so easy. I was once banned long ago for invalid clicks. The frustrating factor is when you know you haven’t touched your adverts or are planning to either. It’s scary how much some bloggers rely on Adsense to make money and it can all go with just a click of a mouse. Should bloggers put that much faith into one program?

I tried after I heard that it was Yahoo and Microsoft’s take on PPC. Two huge online companies. What first impressed me was that each publisher gets their own human mentor that will give them email advice about what is the best combinations to make the most money (where they also said to me, ‘leave it a week Will and we will experiment and change your ad colours, sizes, etc. for you and see which works best’). Another great thing about is that they offer far better advertising sizes and types than Adsense. The adverts look more like they are trying to help web users than make money from them – this is really important.


The downside is that doesn’t really pay big. I managed to get an RPM of $4 which is nothing to Adsense (but still good). I heard from online friends that bloggers should only use if their website is based on a niche because pays much more for niche websites.


Ad Dynamo

After looking at the above examples, I can’t really say much about Ad Dynamo. I only went to try them out when my Adsense account got banned. They have no advertisers and their CPC is awful. The RPM is in it’s cents. The same ‘spammy’ adverts always appear. If you have to pick between Ad Dynamo and Adsense, it is not even a fight. Choose Adsense.


However, overall, which PPC program is best to make the most from? From my experience, it is still Adsense. are getting close to being as good as Adsense. However, until they start paying that bit more for normal websites, Adsense will always be on top. The big question, putting mentors and ad sizes and types aside is ‘which will make me the most money?’. Until improves their RPM, it will always be Adsense.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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