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Ever since Google started to take action against the link building blog networks there has been a close eye on the remaining blog networks and Build My Rank alternatives. The question is whether these networks will stand the test of time and improve their quality and services so they can survive along side Google, or fall victim and have their entire networks wiped out like Build My Rank. Link Authority has been one of the latest networks that everyone is looking to for a new source of link building and traffic. You can read our initial Link Authority review and get a good understanding of how their link building network works.

In our first review we showed what the user interface looks like and how you can upload original content and create incoming links to your site through their network of Page Ranked blogs. We also talked about the differences between having a Free Account vs. Paid Quota, which shows how you can add a site of your own to the Link Authority network and earn a daily quota so you won’t have to buy credit to post your content.

Becoming a Trusted Member with LinkAuthority

With all of that said, we covered most of the basics on Link Authority. In the original post you may also notice that the account says “You are Not a Trusted Member“. What this basically means is that you are a new member of Link Authority and you haven’t proven yourself as a reliable source of original and quality content. Since playing around with our account and writing a few articles, I just noticed the account is now listed as a “Trusted Member” and articles are now approved at a much faster rate and sometimes instantly. This is a great way to monitor and manage content to make sure it’s original and provides value to the network of Link Authority sites.

You will also notice the PR distribution of sites in the Link Authority network. The majority of article placements are being placed on PR2 sites, but this is still much better than having PR1 sites in the network like BuildMyRank had.

While the future of link building is still up in the air as Google continues to change the way they rank web sites, we will continue to monitor and report on the top traffic sources and solutions being used. To read more on Link Authority, be sure to read our Link Authority Review post, and be sure to sign up for a free account at their site.

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