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In one corner of the boxing arena with millions of users worldwide is the almighty pay per click advertising with Google AdWords. In the other corner with still an impressive 6,500 advertisers is banner advertising and . The bell rings for the start of what to be a great fight. Which advertising format will win the match for online advertising? Each has it’s benefits and drawbacks which make it what it is today.


Round One – Performance

For advertisers, performance is crucial. No matter if you want long term or short term traffic, your advertising network needs to be able to adapt to what you want in your campaign and ultimately, perform. For PPC, it performs out of it’s skin. Through increasing a CPC and contextually based traffic, the short term performance you can gain is staggering. On the other hand, there’s banner advertising which can only be considered as long term being one month. Therefore, round one and performance goes to PPC.



Round Two – Userbility

Google AdWords is also used by so many people for the extremely easy user interface it holds. It has been known to help advertisers start up fully functioning campaigns within five minutes. Any form of advertising that can do this should be ranked extremely high. Looking at banner advertising, BuySellAds has recently updated the way advertisers buy advertising space on publisher’swebsites. With different ways to pay for advertising space and keep track of progress, this round is too close to call and will end as a draw.



Round Three – Specific

Does the advertising format adapt to you and is specifically designed for your campaign? The more specific an advertising network can fit to your campaign, the more successful it will be. With PPC using keywords to link publisher’s websites better to your campaign and your objective, advertiser’s CTRs and conversion rates have rocketed. This is the problem with BuySellAds and banner advertising. There is no keyword relation. Categories are available to pick from. However, this is not specific enough. The lack of having no automatic contextual keywords is a flaw in banner advertising. You as the advertiser is what makes it contextual. Therefore, it is clear that PPC takes this round. The program does all the work of linking your advert to the right websites saving you time and money while increasing your CTR and conversion rate.



Round Four – Budget

Both advertising formats are good when it comes to being cost efficient and budgeting. With PPC, you can limit how much you spend per day while choosing how much you want to pay per legitimate click. With BuySellAds, you can see how much your advertising campaign will cost per 30 days. However, you can’t guarantee success from this campaign. Banner advertising cannot guarantee traffic. For this reason, PPC wins this round.



Overall, it is clear that PPC is the winner of this fight. It’s ease of use and format has made it become the most used form of advertising online in this modern era. I can’t see banner advertising finding a USP over PPC in the future making PPC the best advertising form out there.

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