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Online product reviews are one of the most profitable and sought after ways to promote products and services online, which also means they are great for making money too. However, it’s also an extremely competitive niche, so any way that you can get your blog ahead of the competition is a must have.

There is a new wordpress plugin called Author hReview that was just released which is focused on getting your blog noticed in the search engines. Through the use of rich snippets, the plugin will make your blog listings appear that much more relevant and interesting to people who are searching for relevant reviews. Rich snippets are designed to give users a sense of what a webpage may contain, and help them to discover sites that are relevant to their searches, resulting in higher click-through rates.

You can see an example of the Author hReview wordpress plugin in action below.

Defeat Your Competitors In Search Engine

Want to blow away your competition in the search engines? Just take a look at the search results below and see how much of a different it makes to have a bunch of stars appearing by your listing. Just imagine the difference these star ratings can make in the amount of traffic that clicks on your links over your competitors over the lifetime of your search rankings.

How to Get Setup with Author hReview on Your Blog

There are three different versions of Author hReview for you to choose from. The first is a free download which offers support and lifetime updates, the other two options are a full plugin with features for a single site at $33, and a multi site plugin at $48. The various features included in the full plugins are sidebar widget capabilities, shortcodes, choosing from different templates, no follow / do follow links and much more. Be sure to check out their order form page for full pricing and details.

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