Every good PPC and SEO expert knows that good keywords research is the key to your online success.  Adwords data is great for anything PPC but most SEO experts don’t factor in Google Keyword Tool as being a great option for SEO and finding the right keywords to start ranking for.  The AdWords Data Being Used For SEO Purposes

Note: Keyword Tool doesn’t always give accurate data.  If you’ve ever used Google Keyword Tool you will know that accurate data does not always come from it.  If you search for phrases and how many people actually go to your post you won’t always get the same numbers.  Some reports have notices as much as a 1/3 change in search terms.

Note:  Google Analytics isn’t always the most reliable source.  I have a client right now that’s bitching me out because our numbers are way low this month.  When we investigated, Analytics wasn’t reporting something, it was broken.  When Google fixed it, everything worked fine.  But not everything works perfect.  Also important to note is that Google Analytics tells you what you’re CURRENTLY ranking for and not what you can be ranking for.

Note:  Keyword suggestion data is general data and highly unreliable from a conversion perspective.  It gives general PPC inferences on how popular a keyword will be, not exact PPC data.

Now, with those in mind.  Here is your search query data in AdWords:

  1. Set the date range to as large a date range as possible, to download as much search query treasure as possible.
  2. With “All Campaigns” selected, navigate to the keywords tab
  3. Find the “Keyword Details” button, and then click the “View All Search Terms” option, as illustrated here.

From this data, you can see the exact search query terms that users searched for on your website before they clicked on your PPC ads.  Within this sweet little data you can use to research your impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rates, etc.  Will show you everything peeps are searching for online.  See below:

This data is actually worth something, worth much more then that crap you got from Google Keyword Tool.  This is REAL data that you’ve collected.  This is real information that is tangible.  This data is geo-targeted, actual performance data, proprietary data, total cost and general PPC data.

Use this data to help you to find the best keywords to rank for.  Take this information and use it to your advantage!  Best of luck with your SEO integration with PPC.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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