When it comes to making money online, if you are reading this article, the very likelihood is that you will be using Google Adsense to profit from the traffic heading to yourAd Location Adsense Publisher Tips website. Now, as you probably know very well already, there are many articles out there on the internet that can help you increase the earnings you make from Adsense. However, to what detail they go into each tip/point is another question. For this reason, I will be creating a few articles over the next few weeks that will try to go into detail about specific ways you can increase the amount you make with Google Adsense. For this article, I will be looking at advert location/position on a website.


Before even reading this, the first thing that has become quite famous for ad position on Google Adsense is the Adsense heat map (see the image in this article). The whole idea behind this heat map is to illustrate to publishers of Adsense the ‘hot areas’ where adverts tend to perform at their best. However, the problem with the heat map is that:

  1. It is very vague to accommodate as many websites as possible.
  2. It does not always works and depends heavily on your website’s theme, the type of website you have etc.
  3. It makes publishers lazy as they tend to stick to the heat map and not experiment with ad location.


Therefore, here are some points to the positioning of Adsense adverts to help you place them in the right locations for maximum earnings:

  • Above and below content always works well – The reason these two areas always work well is because most web users will read the title of the article and immediately look below it to read the content. As well as this, the web user after reading the article will look below it to see if there is any more content to read. Therefore, these two positions will get good ad coverage for websites with content and articles on it.
  • Header adverts can be inconsistent – It might seem a great idea to stick an advert next to the logo of your website in the header because this advert will always appear first on the page for loading and will be above the fold of the content. However, the majority of web users do not look at the logo or next to it of the website and instead go straight to what they entered the website for being content, images, games etc. Therefore, although they seem a good idea, I tend to find header adverts under perform.
  • Sidebar adverts can work – The thing about sidebar adverts is that they only work is they are located next to useful sidebar widgets and are there to completely blend in with the widgets too. Adverts do not really perform well when contrasting in the sidebar. If you do choose to use sidebar adverts, the advert sizes that mimic your sidebar widgets in size will work best (this tends to be the squarer of the range of adverts up for offer).

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