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7 Ways to Copywrite The Perfect PPC Campaign and Avoid Popular Pitfalls

Before you create an effective PPC campaign, first you need to understand the basic meaning of PPC. PPC is just an internet advertising model which is used to direct traffic to websites, in which the website owner is being paid by the advertisers when their ad is clicked. In other words it can be simply defined as amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.

Mathematically if we imagine, Cost per click = advertising cost/ads clicked. To understand and write the perfect PPC campaign you should follow the below mentioned steps. Get going!

STEP1 :- Understand the basics of PPC

To help improve your optimization efforts, you need to understand the basics of PPC first-

  • Account Structure– You need to first plan out whether your ad would be ‘display’ or ‘search’ ads. It is recommended not to do both in a single campaign. Then you must set-up your monthly budget and target your ads according to your target audience. If you have done a segmentation on a persona research, then its better to target your ads on them.
  • Ad copy– You should try your best to write strong ads which is a must if you want your ad to be clicked and not others. You should also make sure to identify benefits of your products in ads. It is recommended to create multiple ads for each ad group so that you can test which one performs the best.







Delicious Oranges Do you like oranges? 5 Do you like oranges?check 0 Out new eBook
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  • Landing page design– This is the page that your visitor sees when they enter your website after clicking on the ad. This webpage must be well designed, appealing and the contents must be well understood. This webpage must speak everything clearly about your prospects. A well crafted landing page is a key to PPC campaign success.
  • Ad Extension-This allow you to display additional information on your ads.

STEP 2:- Build your keyword strategy

In PPC management, Keyword research is a vital part as it helps you to target your targeted traffic to your desired URLs. In this step, you are requested to research keywords that are relevant to your landing page. It is always good to be ranked higher on the keywords that had been targeted by you. Google keyword available on the internet helps you to get the exact relevant keywords you are searching for as you may sometimes run out of keyword ideas.



Fruits (search network) Oranges
  +Delicious oranges
  +Delicious Apples
Shoes (search network) Branded shoes
  Shoes at 499

STEP 3- Writing the body text

Your copy must generate interest to the user. So, the body text of a PPC ad is very crucial. The best way to write a body text is to imagine yourself as the user. Then you can analyze what may look more appealing enough to attract you. Follow these rules while writing a body text-

  • Use keywords like ‘buy’,’ sell’, etc to encourage the users to click on your ad.
  • Don’t be modest. If you have some especial offers to provide to your user, specify it. Remember you have competitors.
  • Sound urgent. ’Offers valid till 6th July. HURRY!’ these will seek attention of users.
  • Use of powerful adjectives like “Unique”, “Excellent”, “Amazing”, etc. can give you great results if used in the relevant context.

STEP 4- Identify destination URL

Destination URL is the webpage of a website where you want your paid traffic to land or in simpler words, it is the webpage which opens when a visitor clicks on an ad. You must use landing page as destination URL. It is important because you must drive your traffic to optimized landing pages.

identify destination url



STEP 5- Writing creative ads

There are different advertising mediums. But advertisement is all about creativity. The more creative you are, the more appealing and well thought will be your ad. Make your target audience convince so that they are bound to click on your ad. Write some solid ads and try to provide solutions for the problems of your target market. Rotating ads are useful which is provided by both Google and Bing.




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STEP 6- Test

You may use two or three ads on an automated rotation through Google or Bing and then use the daily reporting data to manually optimize your campaign and copy. You may entirely eliminate the ads with low CTR if it’s difficult to change it.

 STEP 7- Share template with your team

You may be doing PPC under anyone. If you are not the final decision making authority of the team, you must share your final template with your higher authority and get it approved.


The above steps will help you do a successful PPC campaign. But every approach has some drawbacks. You should keep in mind those pitfalls which may arise during the course of your design and try not get those pitfalls involved in your campaign. These are the popular pitfalls-

  • Poor account setup-One PPC account must not contain one campaign and one ad group. This is the worst way to structure your PPC account. You must set up multiple campaigns as it allows you to manage each campaign its own objective providing the ability to adjust the settings without affecting the overall performances.
  • Not Editing account default settings-You must check the default settings right after you setup a campaign. In Google, you’ll find these in the Settings tab. In Yahoo, you’ll need to go to the Campaigns tab, select a campaign, and then click Campaign Settings.

The only way to tell with any certainty is to change the setting to “Rotate.” This will ensure that each ad variation gets approximately the same number of impressions — and enough data for you to decide which one converts better.

  • Sending all traffic to the home page– It must be very clear to you that home page of a website is never the right PPC landing page and you should send the traffic to the home page. You take your own time to create distinct ad groups around a theme, be it product, service or whatever.

For example, if your ad group is ‘buy shoes at 499’, use the relevant page of your website as the destination URL. Don’t use the home page and make the visitor search again for ‘apparels->shoes->shoes at 499’.

Considering these copywriting tips for perfect PPC campaign and pitfalls, you can make a good PPC campaign even if you are a beginner.

This article is written by Janice Noel. Janice is a creative writer and blogger. She writes for CleverlySavvy a blog with various interesting topics. 

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