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When it comes to monetizing a website through pay per click programs such as Google Adsense, it will feel like an enigma in finding the best combination of ad categories blocked, advert sizes, placement, color and type. This helps in making clear the amount of elements a publisher has to deal with and change to try and make the most amount of money. For this reason, taking the above into consideration, here are a few hinters to make make more money by looking at the aspects of a publisher account that uses Google Adsense.


Ad Categories Blocked

Most publishers will not release that their CTR may be below average or ridiculously low because they are not blocking the categories that their web traffic are not interested in. When on Google Adsense’s homepage, you will be able to see a tab ‘Allow & Block ads’. From this tab, you can look to see what general and sensitive categories are gaining ad impressions without converting it to ad earnings. From then on, you can block these ad categories from wasting ad impressions on your site improving your CTR.



Advert Sizes

When it comes to choosing advert sizes, there is obviously no right or wrong answer. However, some advert sizes have more success than other sizes. For example, here are some common stereotypes to high performing advert sizes:

  • The advert is big. Let’s face it, the larger the advert, the more chance it has of being clicked upon. However, there is a balance between how big you should make it and affecting your blog’s performance. Too big an advert will annoy web users.
  • The advert is square. I have found over time that publishers have been more successful sticking with squarer adverts than the longer sidebar or rectangular adverts.

Therefore, big adverts that are square perform best. This narrows it down to either the 300×250 or 336×280 advert.



Ad Placement

Most publishers will have seen Google’s heat map illustrating the areas of a website that are most looked upon and therefore best for adverts to go there for maximum performance. However, I find that with ad placement, you simply need to experiment. Google’s heat map is only a guide to publishers that are unsure where to place their adverts. Therefore, place your adverts in various locations and see how your CTR changes. From this, you will find the areas best for placing adverts on your website making you more money.



Ad Colour

When it comes to choosing the ad colour, there are three options:

  • Blend the advert with your website (same colors).
  • Compliment it with your website (similar colors).
  • Contrast it with your website (contrasting colors).

I have found that complimenting or blending your adverts with your website will give you maximum CTR and earnings. Contrasting adverts basically tell the web user that it is an advert (which is not good). As well as this, they are also unattractive looking due to the contrast. For this reason, always keep to similar or the same colors to your website’s interface.



Type of Advert

Again, this is another element of PPC you need to experiment on to gain best results. From personal experiences. I found that text adverts gain a high CPC with low CTR while image adverts have low CPCs with high CTRs. However, results will vary for every single website. Therefore, the best thing to do is try out every option and see which one works the best.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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