There are some publishers of Adsense out there that have pay per click advertising units on their websites to help the web users that2 Ways You Can Improve Your Adsense Earnings enter onto their website to find useful relevant information they will deem helpful and interesting. However, the majority of people will be using Adsense to make money from their website. You do not have to be a genius to make money out of Adsense. However, saying that, you do need to know the ins and outs of Adsense in order to capitalise from the program. Here are two ways you can improve your Adsense earnings.



Block Ad Categories

A great way to increase your Adsense earnings is through blocking the ad categories in the ‘Allow & Block Ads’ tab that are under performing. Adsense is helpful in the sense that they show the publisher the earnings each category in PPC has produced for you from the last 30 days as a percentage. For this reason, you can look at the categories that are gaining lots of impressions and low earnings and block them. This in turns stops that category from showing adverts in the future in your units so that the categories that produce a better percentage of earnings to impressions have more impressions in your units.


The only thing I would say about blocking ad categories is that you should not change anything at all in your publisher account for 30 days before blocking ad categories. The reason for this is that you need to be 100% sure of the performance of your ad categorises before you block them and if you change something in the last 30 days, it may affect the performance of the ad categories.



Improve Your Website

I know that people reading this article will be wanting easy ways to improve their Adsense earnings. This is wrong as it is evident that publishers just want temporary easy fixes to their publisher accounts and not permanent long term improvements in their earnings.

The truth is that the number one way to improve the amount you earn in Adsense is to start at square one and improve your website. The reason behind this is because, in general terms, the better the website, the more advertisers that will bid for a space on one of his/her advertising units (because the content is more relevant and the traffic coming to the content is better too). Therefore, with the old saying supply and demand, if the supply remains constant and the demand increases, the CPC will increase too increasing your Adsense earnings! So, in the long term, always try to improve your website so that it fulfils the traffic coming to it more.

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