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By now, you should realise that your best bet, when it comes to advertising online, is to use PPC and Google AdWords.4 Alternatives To PPC However, advertisers will always be interested in the alternatives to PPC and Google AdWords. It is not guaranteed that PPC will work for every advertiser out there. Some advertiser’s campaigns may work better with the alternatives to PPC. For this reason, here are a few of the alternatives out there to pay per click advertising you can potentially use to gain traffic online.



Facebook Ads

Facebook adverts are becoming quite popular simply for the way Facebook allows advertisers to target their market. Age, gender, location, interests and hobbies are just some of the ways you can target people with Facebook adverts. Yes, contextuality has seemed to be reinvented with Facebook adverts.

The only problem with Facebook ads is that the engagement with Facebook ads and sponsored posts are notoriously low. Therefore, if you want to use Facebook ads, learn to master getting user engagement up first!



Twitter Advertising

It is true that social media is just growing and growing and growing. More and more people are using it and it is Twitter and Facebook that are leading the surge. Twitter has millions upon millions of users around the world like Facebook and the way Twitter users engage with content and potentially mean the user engagement with adverts on Twitter may be higher than that on Facebook. So, if you are looking to use social media advertising, I would suggest to try both Twitter and Facebook with tester campaigns and compare the results.



YouTube Advertising

Although a YouTube campaign is run in AdWords, it is still a great alternative to Google AdWords PPC. The truth of the matter is that some advertisers need video advertising to advertise whatever they are trying to advertise. This is why YouTube can work very well as a form of advertising. I see it as the much cheaper alternative to TV advertising.

The only problem with YouTube, I fear, is the contextuality. Some of the adverts that appear before videos are so unrelated to the video’s content it scares me that the targeting is almost non-existent.



Banner Advertising

Banner advertising and, specifically, BuySellAds, is a great form of advertising that can be seen to be a strong competitor to PPC and Google AdWords. The shear number of publisher websites out there to advertise on makes it possible to target just about any market at an affordable cost too.

However, you cannot guarantee results. You pay for the impressions you get on your advert in theory: crucially not the clicks. This, I guess, can work in your favour too since if you gain more clicks on your advert than expected, you will stay pay the fixed price you agreed at the start.

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