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Truth be told that pay per click advertising is a form of advertising that is completely and utterly dictated by 3 Ways to Save Money in PPCnumbers. Us advertisers analyse every part of the campaign in order to find ways to improve and optimize it to work better for our goals. However, there are going to be some times when your budget is wearing thin and you are left in a predicament to either continue your PPC campaign running as it is but with less budget associated to it per day or to change your campaign in order to attempt to achieve the same results but with a lower budget. Of course, the second option seems the better option so here are a few ways you can save money in PPC without seriously affecting the performance of your overall campaign.



#1 Lower Your CPC

I know what you are probably thinking – how can a lower CPC give you the same benefits as one which was higher? Well, it doesn’t. But, a low CPC has benefits associated to it which could work in your campaign’s favor to make it just as successful as your campaign was with the higher CPC. Although you may not get top spot anymore for paid search results, you will still get clicks from the same keywords as you were using before – the only difference being that the CTR your search advert produces will have decreased. Therefore, it will help to make your campaign run more efficiently but will also make your campaign’s ad impressions against time decrease (it is your choice whether you want that or not).



#2 Go Specific, Go Niche

The more specific and niche you go in PPC advertising, the more money you will save. This is because PPC runs on the whole basis that advertisers pay to get a specific target market to view their landing page. If you are too vague in your campaign, you will be bidding against a broader range of advertisers hence why the CPC is usually quite higher. This is also the reason why every advertiser should adopt niche keywords. Niche keywords have extremely low competition (hence why they are called ‘niche’) and also target a very specific target market. Therefore, it is a win-win and another win since niche keywords are also very cheap to run in a campaign and often produce great results.



#3 Optimize Your Landing Page

You only have to look at any of the articles I have done in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign‘ series to realize that the vast majority of landing pages out there are not perfect by no means: there are always areas of improvement. A landing page that has a higher conversion rate will reduce the cost per conversion of your advertising campaign, making your PPC campaign run cheaper than before to get the same results. Therefore, it would be wise to spend some time analysing your landing page to find out where it can be optimized, based on the type of landing page you have used.

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