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An important part to a PPC campaign is in getting the web user’s attention, to begin with. Once you have the web user’s attention, things tend to be a little easier in the sense that you have done the hard bit of winning the web user over into clicking onto your advert. For example, it is a good analogy to compare this to getting the customer into a store. The hard part is getting the customer into the store and once they are in they are quite likely to buy something.

With this in mind, here are some ways you can make your PPC search advert more attractive to the web user and have it read better. From doing this, you should see an increase in exposure level, click through rate onto the advert and conversion rate on your landing page.


Address the Search Phrase Exactly 

There is a tendency for some PPC advertisers to make one campaign and advert and target it with many different search phrases. You are likely to get a lot of exposure from this technique. However, just how much will your advert relate to the numerous keywords you are targeting?

It is far better to make multiple PPC search adverts to target specific keywords so that there is a stronger link and relation between what the web user is searching and what your advert is displaying. Take the example of Ferrari. If they wanted to make a PPC campaign of what cars they have for sale, and they targeted ‘buy Ferrari’, then that is a good search phrase to target. If they also targeted ‘buy used Ferrari’, ‘should I buy a Ferrari?’, ‘can I afford a Ferrari?’ etc. the search advert won’t work as well for such search phrases since the contextuality between the two has weakened.


Use Numbers

Numbers are an extremely effective way to portray something very clearly to the web user, such as a special offer, discount or pricing. There is a ton of strong evidence that suggests that numbers directly impact the click through rate of adverts. For this reason, if you can incorporate numbers into your title or description, try doing so and see the difference it makes through A/B testing.


Make Sure Your USP is Promoted

Competition is strong in PPC and it is important that your PPC search advert stands out from the competition, one way or another. A way to do this is by providing as much exposure to what makes you different to your competition: your unique selling point. Whatever it might be, be it pricing, features, quality or better customer service etc., stick it in the title so that it is made clear as quickly as possible when the web user starts to engage with your advert. From doing this gives less reasons why the web user would look elsewhere, since they would know they would be missing out on your USP if they don’t click onto your advert.

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