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It seems there is a lot of talk on the internet regarding what company is the best hosting platform for WordPress 3 Tips To WordPress Hostingwebsites. However, as much as this is important when choosing your WordPress hosting, even more important to that is how you use your WordPress hosting. For me, I did not really care what company I went for when it came to WordPress hosting – as long as it was fairly cheap, good customer support and reliable. What was more important to me was the plan I set out: how I used the WordPress hosting to its full potential. Since there is not a lot of talk about this online, here are three tips you can use when it comes to progressing your website with WordPress hosting.



#1 Always Choose the Cheapest Hosting Options at First

The number one tip for anyone that is about to start a website is to make sure you pick the cheapest hosting option for whatever company you are going for. This is because there are usually 3-5 hosting options you can choose ranging from the amount of SSD online storage space you have and the number of visitors that can visit your hosted website.

If you are just starting a website, the safest and cheapest option is to go for the cheapest hosting option, considering the likelihood that you will not need much online storage or will gain many visitors to your site for months to come: if your main targeting method for traffic is SEO.

Only once you are starting to see website problems such as the server overloading or you can use Google Analytics and WordPress stats to determine that you are getting to the maximum number of visitors per month for your hosting plan, that is when you upgrade to the next option with more SSD storage and more visitors per month. This technique will save on the start up costs of creating a new website, which will always be quite costly.



#2 Buy/Renew Hosting with Discount Codes

Whatever hosting you choose to go for, make sure you buy with a discount code – this is a must!
The hosting market online is extremely competitive: to the point that everyone looks at the main differentiator between hosting platforms as the price. With this in mind, 99% of hosting companies will offer some sort of discount code to new customers and even offer discounts to existing ones too, since it is possible to go between different hosts. Therefore, just before you buy any hosting, make sure you fish around the internet to see if you can get any more discount from the hosting to reduce your monthly fixed cost.



#3 Use Your SSD Storage For Your Website Back Up

With hosting, you will get an allowance for so much SSD online storage similar to Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc.

You can use the online storage you get for your own personal benefit. However, it is a far better idea to use that storage to back up the data of your website in timely intervals. That way, if at any moment you have a problem with your website, you know 100% for sure that you can restore your website back to full functionality from a restoration point that was, at most, 24 hours ago.

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