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I am pretty sure that for the vast majority of people that are going to read this article, they will have read at least 20 articles online relating to PPC advertising and online 3 Things You Didn't Know About PPCmarketing. The internet is full of information which means it is hard to stop once you start! However, let’s take a break from landing page optimisation and PPC tips. It is good and interesting (at the same time) to know some of the cooler facts about PPC. As well as being interesting to know, you might be able to learn a few things from PPC because of it too! Therefore, without further ado, here are (hopefully) three things you did not know about pay per click advertising.


#1 PPC is Old

…and I mean seriously old. PPC was first created by Google with AdWords back over 15 years ago in 2000.

What does this mean?

If you are unsure about using pay per click advertising as a source of traffic, think again. In 15 years, a lot has happened to PPC to help improve the experience for both web users and the advertisers. If there were any problems with PPC, they would and was ironed out over the years.



#2 Around 95% Of Google’s Revenue Is From AdWords

Who would have thought this too? Considering the amount of innovations Google has produced over the years such as the Chromebook, Android and more, it is a complete and utter surprise that over 90% of Google’s revenue still comes from PPC and their program AdWords.

What does this mean?

Google AdWords has turned out to be a very successful program for Google. This is because million of advertisers use it as their source of advertising online. Millions of people cannot be this wrong about a program or a form of online advertising…



#3 There is a $55 Keyword

For most advertisers (and myself included) will probably pay anywhere between 10 cents to $3 per click on their advert. But, of course, it completely depends on what you are targeting and the competition for what you are targeting. For ‘insurance’ you will be expected to pay up to $55 due to the high level of competitions associated with the keyword.

What does this mean?

If you want to make the most out of PPC, aim for niche keywords. These are very specific keywords that will produce extremely contextual traffic for super low prices since there is no competition. As well as this, always make sure the maximum CPC you are willing to bid for a keyword search phrase is a fair reflection on your campaign’s budget and objectives – do not get into bidding wars.

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