If you type in landing page optimisation into Google, you will find over five hundred thousand results that could tell you ways to 3 Reasons To Display Social Media Plugins On a Landing Pageimprove your PPC landing page. It is a big deal landing page optimisation which is why we have so many articles about it here on PPC.org. If you find that you have tried to optimise your landing page and it is still under performing (you can find out through installing a tracking code onto it such as Google Analytics), then you may want to install social media plugins since there are many benefits to having social media plugins on a PPC landing page which I will go through below.


You Gain More Contextual Traffic

Enabling your PPC traffic to tweet and share your landing page with their favourite social media websites gives your landing page the possibility of going viral with many web users that are genuinely interested in your landing page’s contents. Here is why:

  • The PPC traffic you paid for enters your landing page.
  • The chances are that they are interested in your landing page.
  • If they are interested, they may want to share the landing page with their favourite social media websites.
  • The people that follow them on these social media websites are likely to have similar interests as the PPC traffic sharer.
  • Therefore, they will click on the link to your landing page and you have just gained another genuinely interested web user to your landing page.

The best part about this is that it is completely free. This means it is something you can try on your landing page and if it does not work, then that is okay and you can remove the plugin. But, the chances are that it is going to work.



Takes Up Minimal Space

Social media share buttons take up next to nothing space on web pages so it is silly not to include them onto a landing page. Company’s such as ShareThis and AddThis are coming up with more ingenuous ways of putting social media share buttons on web pages in a way which compliments the web page. Basically, there is always space to link your landing page with social media.



Analyse Your Button’s Performance

Company’s such as AddThis make it extremely easy to view the performance of your social media buttons with how many shares and clicks from them shares they get. From knowing these statistics, you will be able to evaluate whether it is work keeping the buttons on your landing page or not – you inherit no risk from using these buttons.

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