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With it coming to the end of 2015, now is a time of year where most advertisers will invest heavily in Christmas campaigns, reflect on how successful a year 2015 has been for them and look 2016 Trends For PPC To Grow Intoforward to 2016 setting out objectives to tackle and achieve. However, to set out objectives to conquer in PPC means we need a rough understand of what is going to happen in 2016. Everything is changing and involving so foreshadowing the changes that will occur for PPC in 2016 will be a big factor in the success of many advertiser’s PPC campaigns. Therefore, from my perspective, here are some potentially emerging trends that will hit PPC in 2016.


#1 Mobile PPC

Without doubt, mobile PPC is going to continue to exponentially increase in 2016. If we look at the past, it is apparent that more and more searches on search engines are done using smarpthones and tablets. Therefore, for a lot of advertisers that have not invested in mobile campaigns yet or have invested not a lot into it, now is the time to learn mobile PPC and create a heavily budgeted campaign for it.



#2 Interactive Adverts

There has also been a progression from displaying text and image adverts to flash based and generally interactive adverts. This makes sense since it is clear an advert which interacts and engages with the web user will produce a click through rate and conversion much higher than a image or text based advert. Therefore, if you are one of those people that use image adverts, you may want to start to lean towards using interactive adverts.

The problem with this, I guess, is that not everyone knows how to make interactive adverts. However, you may find the cost to employ someone to make an interactive advert for you will be cents to the success it will bring your pay per click advertising campaign.



#3 Potentially Smartwatch Diversification?

We can all agree that the smartwatch market entered mid 2014 with a storm and has increasingly expanded in size since. With new markets, it is common for advertisers to take advantage of them and use them. For example, when the laptop was created, Google made AdWords. When smartphones and tablets were created, there was a push for mobile PPC. With smartwatches now being worn by millions and every time the smartwatch vibrates, the user looks to the watch’s screen, I cannot help but think there will be adverts for smartwatches, especially Android wear, in the form of a message that pops up on your wrist. For example, if you walk past a shop and they have amazing Black Friday deals on, a message may pop up to mention this and lure you in? Let me know your thoughts on this as I feel it is something is a ‘if it will happen’ but ‘when it will happen’.

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