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You would have to be pretty ignorant to not notice that the traffic from mobile devices is constantly growing. This makes it clear 2 Useful Mobile PPC Tipsthat mobile PPC is booming and will continually boom. Advertisers that only stick to desktop PPC campaigns should be looking to profit from mobile PPC too. However, to assume that mobile PPC is the same as the desktop version can cost you quite a lot of time and money. Yes, for the majority, the way it works is the same. However, the way you can improve a mobile campaign is different to that of a desktop version. For this reason, here are two useful mobile pay per click advertising tips advertisers using mobile PPC can use in their campaign.



Use Ad Extensions

Although I strongly advise using ad extensions for desktop PPC, you could probably get away without using them. For mobile PPC, I feel this is not the case.

It is natural for web users on computers to click onto a link and take them to a designated landing page. On mobile devices, though, a click or tap of the finger does not always mean the web user should head to a landing page.

This is where ad extensions come into place. Ad extensions make it possible for your conversion be something other than a click onto a landing page where they do something else of your wanting. That is too many steps for mobile device users. This is why ad extensions such as the app extension, call extension and location extension are the best extensions to use in mobile PPC. If you thought the attention span of web users was short on computers, it is even shorter on mobile devices which is why you need to cut out as many of the middle men as possible: in this case, the web based landing page.



Make Landing Pages Optimised For Mobile

I cannot stress enough this mobile PPC tip. So if you feel you cannot take advantage of ad extensions for what you are promoting (and, anyway, you will always need a landing page anyway for the title link to direct to), you will be putting all of your effort into making a good landing page. It sounds silly but make sure the landing page you use is optimised for mobile devices! The number of campaigns that are out there in mobile PPC that directs traffic to a desktop version of their landing page – it just results in a poor conversion rate.

A mobile landing page should be extremely easy to convert, often a one click conversion like Amazon does their one click delivery system. Making it as easy to convert will make sure you gain the highest conversion rate possible.

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