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One of the secrets of being successful online is to rank higher in the Google and other search engines for your targeted keywords to ensure that you will get plenty of targeted traffic. The more targeted traffic you get, the higher possibility you have of getting sales.

Everybody that has a website wants to rank higher in Google search results. Since, Google is the biggest and most powerful search engines use by millions of individuals all over the world on daily basis.

So, how you can rank your own website higher in search results? Here are a few key SEO tips that will enable you in your journey to be in Top 10 on Yahoo, Google and Bing

Create Quality Content

The # 1 tip is to create quality content. Ensure that everything you publish on the web is beneficial to your viewers and clients. In recent times, Google has been increasing its responsibility to clearing the web from mess by keeping value benchmarks about what information it index in its listings.

Never regurgitate information you discover online. If anything’s previously available, and you are just replicating someone else’s content, Google will not be advantageous to you website. Always remember this SEO tip that, be exclusive, be on your own, and be innovative. Build yourself as a professional on your subject matter and deliver quality information to your readers that is found no where else.

Write For both Search Engines and Individuals

Second of my top SEO tips is write content for both individuals and the search engines. To be able to rank higher in the search engines, you have to targeted keywords that you smartly use in your content. Now, a lot of individuals make the mistake of only filling their articles with specific keywords in order to manipulate Google. But, Google can identify these spam posts and punish those websites by putting them in sand box.

Everything you create should be published for people without doing keyword stuffing. Provide quality information that is really useful to your readers and can help them in solving their problems

Adhere to these two simple SEO tips. Google and other search engines will assign your higher rankings.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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