For advertisers with PPC campaigns, there are many different types of PPC landing pages they could adopt and implement to direct the targeted traffic from PPC to. The best designed websites out there don’t actually tend to use designated PPC landing pages – instead, the website is so well designed that it can use exisiting webpages as the landing page for PPC campaigns. Examples of this include Apple, Amazon and Nissan.

This tends to be the case when the campaigns are about promoting a product or a service, since the website will tend to contain a product/service page which can be used for PPC. However, for other types of PPC campaigns advertising something different, some advertisers tend to like to use click through pages as the solution for their landing page. However, you might want to give some thought into that, since here are two reasons why you might not want to use a click through landing page in PPC.



#1 It’s a ‘Middle Man’ Landing Page

Using a click through landing page tends to happen when the advertiser feels that they need to ‘win’ over the web user more before landing onto the page where the conversion takes place – a PPC advert might not be enough to entice the web user and an extra page might be needed to engage the web user enough into a conversion.

However, from doing this, you are creating an extra page inbetween the web user and the conversion. It is notoriously known, online, that web users have a very small attention space, often judging pages withing the first 2-3 seconds upon landing onto them. If there is going to be an extra obstacle in the way for which the web user needs to perform an action to get to the page where the conversion takes place, this could cause the bounce and exit rates to increase.

PPC is all about getting the web user as directly as possible onto the landing page where the conversion takes place. The click through landing page, in some ways, does not aid towards this.



#2 It Takes Time/Money/Effort to Design

Going back to the start of this article, the best websites out there do not need to create specific landing pages due to the fact that they have existing pages that could be used for PPC because they are so well designed.

With click through landing pages, it is not a typical page to have exisiting on a website. Like the first point states, it is a ‘middle man’ page and therefore not neccessary to create one for a website (unless you use PPC).

For this reason, if you wanted to use a click through landing page, the chances are that you are going to have to create one from scratch, which will take time, money and effort to undertake. For advertising  campaigns that are under strict budgets, this could prove to be problematic.

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