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For many bloggers, when it comes to starting a website, there are two main programs you can use to create it. The first is by Google called Blogger and the second being WordPress. Both have2 Points on WordPress vs Blogger their pros and cons which I am sure you will be able to find on the internet on numerous types of websites. However, if you do not mind about the pros and cons of actually using each program to create and manage a website, which program is best for the success of your website? In this article, I am going to bring forward two points about both programs which will hopefully help you decide which one is best for you to use.



Blogger is Google

The first point that, I feel, needs to be made is that Blogger is by Google. By this, I mean that you should be confident that Blogger is going to be a good program with plenty of features for the user to use.

What I have found from using Blogger is that the implementation of Google products with a Blogger website, such as Google Adsense, Google Search, Google Analytics and more is extremely easy. The same could potentially be said for WordPress. However, in an ideal world, Google wants you to use all of their software together in synergy and this is possible by using Blogger.



WordPress Sells Better

Recently, I sold one of my websites on Flippa for a little under what I was expecting. There is possibly many reasons why it undersold. For example, I did have a reserve which never helps. However, what I have started to realise over the years is that websites that are made and managed in WordPress sell for far more than Blogger websites. Strange isn’t it? Well, here are a few reasons why I think this is the case:

  • Blogger is for beginners – It has to be said that Blogger is far easier to learn than WordPress for new bloggers. So, for those that are buying websites, they will already know WordPress (and Blogger) and will prefer the complex functionality WordPress has to offer (think of it as iOS vs Android).
  • WordPress has better functionality – From a business perspective, the features WordPress has far beats Blogger in the sense that theming is more professional, the way SEO is done is better and more. There are many plugins WordPress websites can use to help optimise them whereas Blogger does not really have the same features to the same degree of level.


This does bring the point forward that if you still feel you are in the learning curve of website creation etc., it may be best to go with Blogger. However, if I could go back in time to when I first chose between WordPress and Blogger, I would now have chosen WordPress over Blogger because although it will be more difficult to pick up at first, it seems it has become the norm for website design and creation.

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