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Is your YouTube view through rate low? What is a good view through rate on YouTube?  I really don’t know the answer to this question.  I have always tried to get above 1% but have always failed in the long run.  I can hit it up to 4% for a day or two but the longevity of an account kills that.  Maybe I need to rotate picture, maybe change up my ads.

I have taken a snapshot of my account and everything that I have been doing.  I typically only spend around $15 a day on YouTube but have gone as much as $100 a day consecutively for weeks.  I find that the more I spend the better rates I get, naturally. But the view through rate doesn’t seem to fluctuate very much except in the beginning days.

I tested this as you can see in the example below.

YouTube PPC Account Stats

Basically what I did was put up the same add for the last four ads.  I put up different pictures and I have found that really that is the difference in getting a good VTR on YouTube.  I have found that the photos with something in them convert lower then videos with people in them.  People want to see photos with people in them.  They want to see videos with people in them, not just of items.

Doing this has improved my ads a ton.  Right now I am running an ad without a human in them and my ads have a lower VTR and overall I will get a lot less views for the same price as the other videos.  If you would like me to check out your YouTube video ads, contact me today and I’d love to look at them and help them convert better!


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