If you aren’t living in the stone age you will know that everyone and the dog is going mobile.  Online mobile web searches have grown five times over the past two years. YouTube mobile now gets more than 400 million views a day, representing 13 percent of our total daily views.  That’s a ton of people watching videos at their work.  If you read my YouTube VTR Post a couple days ago you will know that I am trying out more and more YouTube PPC ads.  I think they are something that we as PPC experts need to master.

For us as advertisers this opens up a whole new way to advertise.  According to comScore, 34% of all Cyber Monday sales were through mobile phones.  Cyber Monday accounts for 1.25 Billion dollars in one days worth of spending.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you can make a shit load of money by advertising to these people.  If you aren’t targeting people online, you need to be.  Cause you are losing out on the $400 million dollars that were spend online in one day, Cyber Monday.  How much money do you think is spent online every day?  A lot.

In a recent study conducted with Nielsen research, we found that promotions perform better together when displayed across multiple screens. In fact, brand recall jumps dramatically to 74 percent for people who saw ads across TV, PC, smartphone and tablets, up from 50 percent for those who saw ads only on TV.

YouTube’s Promoted Video ads on mobile

YouTube’s Promoted Video ads are really easy to use.  The whole setup takes around five minutes.  You can set your budget to whatever you want and your ads will be seen online.

Advertisers pay only when the viewer chooses to watch the video, and all mobile and desktop view counts are summarized into one complete view count on your channel page. Mobile Promoted Video ads are auction-based campaigns that can be managed in your Google AdWords account. All Google AdWords campaigns are opted into “all devices” by default, but creating separate mobile campaigns helps optimize your mobile advertising efforts and the performance of your brand channel.

Best thing about bidding is you can bid as much as you want to pay or as little as you want to pay.  It’s simple and you should try it out today.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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