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When it comes to promoting your products and services online, WordPress is generally the most preferred option for any developer. Easy to use and a hassle-free website integration is of vital importance when it comes to selecting a WP e-commerce plugin for your store. E-commerce for WordPress has become highly popular these days that has raised the bar for quality. Gone are the days when a well-designed website met your requirements. With the aim to remain competitive in this business and rise functionality and conversions, your WordPress e-commerce site should be incorporated with the right WordPress plugins and functionalities.

From the past few years, WordPress has turned out to be an ultimate solution for developing quality-rich e-commerce sites without any hassle. Earlier, making use of WordPress for creating e-commerce site required a little bit of customization. You required to work for months to create such themes that could match the demands of shoppers. But, the scenario is completely different now. There are multifarious plugins and apps that make WordPress an ultimate option to create e-commerce sites.

When an e-commerce site is designed using WordPress themes, the developers get the benefit of using several plugins to enhance the features of the site. But, it is a tough task to select plugins that suit your needs.

With the aim to look for a plugin that meets your specific requirements, you must take into consideration that multifarious products get included in the shopping carts. So, try to choose such shopping cart plugin that has several WordPress user reviews and is simpler to install and operate.

A well-designed e-commerce plugin comes with an easy documentation and support. The plugins are designed in a way that they are simple to make modifications yet complete instructions should be provided to the developer to successfully install the plugin to site.

Below mentioned are the helpful list of plugins that can turn out to be highly beneficial for running a website.

1WP eCommerce:

WP eCommerce is a top-rated WordPress e-commerce plugin that is highly recommended for newbies as well as professionals. It offers users with one-click installation, easy to use interface and awesome end user support. Once the set up is completed, you can start selling your physical products, memberships, or digital downloads in short duration. In case, you face any issue, you can go through the tutorial of how to set up. Laced with the best courier services and shipping methods, this theme turns out to be a great plugin for start-ups.

Captivating Features

  • Fully customizable.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Different shipping methods.
  • Distinct courier services.
  • Supports digital downloads.

Download Link:

2. MarketPress eCommerce:

This ecommerce plugin is designed in a way that it is really simple to use for both physical and digital products. If you have little knowledge about CSS, then you can customize this plugin without any hassle. This plugin allows the users to create captivating pages with the aim to provide an awesome experience to the users. You do not require to possess any knowledge of coding to personalize the look and feel of the site.

Eye-catchy traits

  • Based on AJAX.
  • 100% BuddyPress and WordPress compatible.
  • Various shipping coupons option.
  • Integration of various payment gateways like Google Checkout, PayPal and others.
  • Unlimited product variations.

Download Link:

3. WooCommerce:

WooCommerce is one such plugin that is highly popular for e-commerce sites. It comes equipped with awesome support, admin interface and an ultimate option of sidebar widgets like price filter or recently viewed. Packed with amazing features and functionalities, this plugin provides complete control to the developers. Also, this is an extendable platform that is perfect for growing business.

Vital Features

  • 100% customizable.
  • Inclusion of handling fees and taxes.
  • Numerous shipping options.
  • Advanced customer support.
  • Inventory management.

Download Link:

4. Jigoshop:

Jigoshop is an ultimate e-commerce plugin for WordPress users. Laced with essential features and functionalities, this plugin is highly beneficial for creating fully functional e-commerce sites. You can upload all your products without any hassle and collect payments.

Fascinating Characteristics

  • Safe and secure
  • 100% customizing feature.
  • Multiple shipping methods.
  • Set up without any trouble.
  • Several premium extensions.

Download Link:

5. Easy Digital Downloads:

Easy Digital Downloads is a perfect plugin for those who are planning to set up a e-commerce store for selling digital products. One of the major benefits of using this plugin is simplicity and it comes equipped with features such as user purchase history, file download log, sales reports and many others.

Impressive Features

  • Cart system.
  • Distinct payment gateways.
  • Bundle purchases.
  • Promotional code system.
  • Payment history.

Download Link:

6. Shopp:

Shopp is an ideal WordPress plugin used for creating exceptional WordPress site. This plugin is designed using the cutting edge technology that protects the store against any hacking and breaching keeping the store safe and secure. Features like dashboard widgets and short codes can be used for quick views of sales and product histories whereas theme widgets enable you to drop elements into pages.

Extensive Traits

  • Handle customer accounts.
  • Enable discount feature.
  • Multifarious image options.
  • Featured with Javascript.
  • Safe downloads.

Download Link:

Ending Notes

Finally, you can enhance your online business success by offering your customers a seamless and professional shopping experience. Looking for the top WordPress plugin depends on several comparisons that the developers must keep in mind while integrating with the online store with the recent website design. Offering simple to use interface will motivate customers to come back again and ensure business success. Selecting such plugin that is beneficial for your customers is of vital importance while seeking success in an online store. Hope, the above list is helpful for you.

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